AT on ... How Much Space Do You Really Need?

AT on ... How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Stephanie Kinnear
Jun 10, 2009

We've been living in a one-bedroom apartment in Northern California for just over two years now. We have two chubby cats and less stuff (we think) than the average couple. However, things have been feeling a little tight recently. It seems as though we're starting to run out of storage space and, as a result, the apartment feels messy and cluttered. It's made us both a little unhappy. So I've been wondering: Is the apartment too small or are we using the space we have poorly? You can probably guess the answer.

Mostly, I think we're not managing our space well. Although I'm not 100% certain, I think our apartment is about 650-700 square feet. It's gigantic by many people's standards. So why are we struggling?

I have a hypothesis: We aren't purging often enough (both of us have the urge to hold onto way too many things just in case we might use them again — even if we haven't used them in years). And we don't have a good cleaning/organizing system.

The good news is: We aren't upsizing anytime soon, so we'll have to deal with the problem. And besides, small is cool. I really do believe that.

So, what are the best strategies for living in a space that is a bit tight? Please share. And, what do you think your ideal square-footage is? Although I'd love a larger kitchen and a larger bathroom — I think, given the appropriate adjustments, we might be living in a place that is actually the perfect size for us.

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