At On: Keeping A "Mental Health Board"

At On: Keeping A "Mental Health Board"

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 30, 2008

If you are anything like me, you take in a great deal of information on any given day. You read decor blogs, maybe a cooking blog or two or three, a gadget blog, craft blogs, check in with friends on different social networking sites and think about things you would like to accomplish in your home. At the end of the day, my head is full of "stuff and things" and letting go of it all, is the key to retaining my own mental sanity. Click through the jump to see how you can use my tried and true trick.

The downfall to having many passions is that sleep is never a luxury I can afford and down time from my many activities and projects falls in the "slim to none" category. But one thing that I have found to help calm my thoughts and unwind from the day is a simple writing exercise.

It works like those horrible brainstorm charts your teacher used to make you do in school. Where you really only had a few thoughts on your mind, but she made you write 30. I have a dry erase board tacked up to my office door where I write out as many of my nightly thoughts as possible before bed.
They might be things I want to share with you in a blog post later in the week, or an idea I had for dinner, or even words to a song that have been stuck in there all day.
The point being that I write down every last thought so my mental slate is wiped clean for the night and I can unwind without thinking about any of the things I just wrote down.

A dry erase board isn't needed however, you can simply use good old fashioned pen and paper to get the job done; just something to drain your brain.
Try it for a week and see if it works for you!

(Photo by Sarahrae)

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