AT on: Letting Go of Bottled Imported Mineral Water #2

AT on: Letting Go of Bottled Imported Mineral Water #2

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 20, 2007

We're down to only two bottles of Pellegrino.... Last night we opened our precious supply and drained one bottle. Now, on to the solutions.

Thanks so much for your comments on the first post. This, like many reduce/reuse/recycle issues, is not so easy to untangle.

Soda Siphon: In our research we were at first drawn to this solution (we love gadgets) but drew back because trading bottles for tossing metal CO2 cartridges seems like a no gain situation...

Soda Club: This was a great suggestion from Sarah in Boston (again, we love gadgets), but it offered the prospect of more stuff in our kitchen and raises the bar over $100 to get started. Right now our kitchen is way too small. In a bigger home, however, this looks like a winner. We particularly like that they take your cartridges back and refill them.

The Seltzer Man: We love the idea of supporting local business, but, again, housing bottles in our apartment and working out a return schedule seems complicated to us.

Seltzer v. Mineral: This may be the real rub. We like mineral water. Selzer IS different. We're not too worried about CO2 emissions from out water or osteoporosis, but we'd like to see if we can get closer to mineral.

Saratoga Springs: This was a great suggestion that combined mineral with local. The bottles are a bit of an issue, but we DO recycle in our building, so perhaps this is the answer. The only problem is BUYING them. We don't know of a local shop that sells them near us.

We're going to think on all of this and make a choice to try out. What would you do?

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