At On... Lowering Your Bills While Being Green

At On... Lowering Your Bills While Being Green

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 14, 2008

Since this month is "green month" my husband and I have started taking a look at some of the smaller things we can do to be a little more eco-friendly. Sure we want to save baby seals and give the earth a hug with less pollution, but the impact it has on our pocketbook tends to motivate us more than anything. Baby seals are out of sight out of mind 9 times out of 10... but our electric and gas bills aren't. After the jump, I let my energy saving secret hang out for all to see....

A Shammy. That's my big secret. It's huge isn't it? So huge in fact, that before spilling the beans on how I put them to use in a way most wouldn't think, I had to first check online to see if anyone else was doing the same thing with them.
Although in theory it would make me feel better to know that someone else was using them in the same manner I was... horrible images ran through my mind as to what I was going to find.
Searching for the word Shammy brought up pictures of the wonderful microfiber towels and a ridiculous amount of Manga Fan art... our searching stopped there, as I realized that if I was bold enough to inform all of AT about my cleaning habbits, then I didn't need the reassurance that anyone else was as bizarre as I am.

So, here it is, out there in the open to be judged by all.... I use them to dry off after the shower.

I know, I KNOW! You are supposed to be using large, fluffy, soft as a baby's behind, designer named and environmentally friendly fabric towels. You should be washing them and finding/buying storage for these large bulky products. When you have company, they are a point of pride, where as you put out "the good towels" so that others might see them. You might have even looked up how to fold a towel without any edges showing.... that's what normal people do.

I, on the other hand, have now been using a Shammy after I shower (as well as in the kitchen or for other household messes) for the last month. I had used them in the shower prior to this, but it was more of the, "Dang, I forgot to do laundry" type moment, instead of the "Let's do a scientific test" type moment.
I keep 5 shammies in the cabinet next to my shower. They come in all different sizes, however I feel that the smaller the better because they are just that absorbent.

This works for me for a few reasons.

1) Shammies hold up to 20x their weight in water (and if you buy now with just 3 easy payments of $19.99 you also get this toaster free!). This not only dries me faster, but also dries back out, freeing the bathroom of humidity, faster than a normal towel.

2) All 5 take up less space than 1 regular bath towel does and allow a ridiculous amount of space for other things that our bathroom needs to hold.

3) I can wash 5 shammies with far less electricity/water/soap than I can a single, standard size bath towel... and forget about the oversized bath sheet!

3.5) Laundry is never something I seem to find time for. Knowing that I don't have to run a separate load of towels is fantastic!4) I don't have to walk past large open windows, or have roommates (outside of my husband and 2 dogs), so I have no need to wrap myself like a burrito and scurry back to my bedroom to get dressed.

Normally microfiber shammies are marketed for use in your home, your vehicle, your pets, for the pool, but in my bathroom... they do a fantastic job of drying me without having any additional waste of energy. And best of all, it has cut our electric bill by 10+ dollars a month. So don't forget, small changes can make a big impact on your energy footprint!

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