AT On Moving and Feeling at Home

AT On Moving and Feeling at Home

Laure Joliet
Oct 30, 2008
Yesterday's post about spending half your time at someone else's house got us to thinking about how long it takes after you move to actually feel at home. For those of you that have moved to college, you've been there a month or so, does it feel comfortable? For us to feel at home we use a mixture of rituals, building new habits and some safety-blanket type items that eventually do the trick:

Moving is a great time to break old (bad) habits and begin new ones, to purge the things we don't want to take into a new place and to reevaluate how we want to use our apartments: for entertaining? Working? Relaxing? All three? But it can also be stressful since it's an upheaval of the familiar.

Not only are you living out of boxes but you have to build new routes to the grocery store, the gas station and back and forth to work. Sure you probably get the kitchen essentials unpacked, the bed made and the towels out, but how long until all the boxes are emptied and things have found a home? Sometimes we get everything set up in a week, other times the boxes stay around for months. Don't even get us started on how long it takes to hang artwork (one time we actually didn't get it hung before we moved again!).

A dorm is a special case since you know it's a temporary space. It can be hard to motivate yourself invest too much time, energy or resources. But what have you done to feel at home when far away?

Some of the things that have worked for us:
• Getting the bed made with our favorite sheets, our favorite books by the bed and our clothes put away.
• Being able to invite friends over for a meal without being completely embarrassed.
• Getting to the point that we're not just tossing things in a pile to deal with later, but can put it away, where it belongs.
• Having fresh flowers.
• Having at least one room free of boxes to unpack.

So how do you make a new house a home? And how long does it normally take before you feel at home?

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