AT on . . . Moving Day

AT on . . . Moving Day

Heather Blaha
Mar 21, 2008

Two Saturdays ago, we hired Joey's Movers for our first big push to get the big stuff out of our apartment and into our new house. Since then we've been sleeping, showering, and eating in the old place, while working in the new place. Our kitchen is getting there, the dust is slowly settling, and our new home office is all set up. Tomorrow marks the last half of our move...

This time we'll be renting our own truck and hauling out our bed, clothes, kitchen stuff. Have we finished packing it all? No. Are we totally overwhelmed? Yes. But we also know that on Sunday morning we'll experience our first day truly living in a new place. The tense straddle between two lives/two homes/the history and the future, will be calmed.

Just as Sarah wrote about the pressure to be perfect, we really thought we'd be a lot more on top of moving/packing organization. Things aren't too bad, but it seems fair to say that the month of overlap we had between the two places actually made it harder in some ways to efficiently tie up loose ends and get newly organized. A little bit every day can be a good thing, but now that we're down to the wire it is definitely a hard thing.

For anyone with impending moves, take it in stride. Plan/organize as much as you can in advance, and remember that there are much harder things to do. Everyone's done this before, you've done it before, so don't freeze and panic and feel like your world is crumbling. This type of change can be jarring, but it's important to find a good stride and enjoy what the move brings: a chance to toss stuff, clean, re-evaluate, and start anew.

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