AT On... Organizing Reusable Bags In The Kitchen

AT On... Organizing Reusable Bags In The Kitchen

Beth Zeigler
Mar 18, 2009

031809bag-01.jpgRecently, we found ourselves in the reusable grocery bag dilemma--too many bags and where to put them (not to mention figuring out a good way to remember bringing them with us to the store). Our tips and helpful hints after the jump!

  • First, we needed to take an inventory of our reusable bags. Once you have all of the bags in front of you, count to see how many you have. We had somehow accumulated twenty reusable bags (way too many for our simple lifestyle). For us, a good stock is ten, so we whittled them down and kept our favorites.
  • Now that you have your bag number limit, stick to it. When you're out and about, and a reusable bag comes with goodies at an event--just say no. It's also important to follow the one in, one out rule. If you find yourself admiring a reusable bag and want to purchase it, then you'll have to make a decision and donate one from your current collection.
  • Next you'll have to decide where to store the bags so you'll actually remember to use them. We like the Chico Bag because it folds up to fit in your purse (and they have a carabiner to attach to your keychain).
  • Another option is storing the bags close to your shopping list, that way, when you're jotting down what you need from the store, you'll remember to bring your reusable bag.
  • Keep a few in the car. The tricky thing about this option is you'll have to empty your groceries and return the bags back to your car as soon as you're done unloading--otherwise you're likely to forget.
  • Hooks in the entryway are a great place to keep and display your reusable bags (we love Yvestown's colorful display of bags in the entryway).

How many reusable grocery bags do you have and how do you remember to grab them for shopping? Do you have a great way to organize the lot?

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[Image on first page from Yvestown]

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