AT on Simple Living

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We heard this song this weekend on an old Prairie Home radio show, and it got us thinking more deeply about living simply:

Well we ain’t got a barrel of money…
We may look ragged and funny…
But we’re travelin’ on…
Singing our song…
Side by side.

It seems to us that these sentiments of modesty and optimism are scarce these days. It seems to us that it ain’t cool to be poor or even to be struggling. It’s embarrassing and shameful. How did THAT happen?

Not that it’s very comfortable to be poor, but what really happened to the concept of living more simply? Where is the alternative to the Donald Trump lifestyle? Where is anyone flying the flag for the richness of life and freedom that comes from less and not from more?

We think that the simple living movement has lost it’s voice, and what began in the late 90’s as an earnest attempt to extricate lives from an overly complex and consumption oriented culture, has dwindled to a exist only as a national magazine title with the biggest advertising revenue of any shelter mag around.

We’d like to find that voice again.

It’s the voice that says you don’t need so many things to live comfortably.
It’s a voice that urges you to choose quality over quantity.
It’s a voice that says don’t be distracted by all the meaningless jabber and media nonsense that is out there.
It’s a voice that says having a balanced homelife is essential.
It’s a voice that says raise your standards.
It’s a voice that says be in control of your life and avoid entanglements, people or debt that will rob you of that position.
It’s a voice that says aim for happiness.

It’s a voice that says richness comes from the relationships that you create, and these cannot be purchased.

We’re working on this voice ourselves, and we’d like to be surrounded by more of them. Just like the song says:

Through all kinds of weather…
What if the sky should fall?
As long as we’re together,
It doesn’t matter at all.

(Music here….)