AT on… Taking An Art Class

010909ceramics-02.jpgFor 2009 we’re all about crossing things off our “things to do before we die” list. This is less of a written list and more of a list that stays in our head. Each time we pass Heath Ceramics on Beverly, we say to ourselves, we really want to take a ceramics class. So we finally signed up and took our first of many over at The Village Art Project in Studio City. Let us know if you’ve ever taken the dive and signed up for an art class in the comments!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our first ceramics class was in college but unfortunately we did mostly hand building with the clay. We say unfortunately because all we wanted to do was throw on the wheel. We’re finally getting our chance with this batch of ceramics classes and we have to tell you–it’s awesome! Working with clay might be one of the most therapeutic things you can do for yourself. While it wasn’t the motivation, making items that we can use decoratively in our home is a plus as well. We’ll keep you posted on how our ceramic creations turn out!

How about you–what art classes have you taken recently? What was your motivation? Were you able to use the finished products decoratively in your home?

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