AT on … The Art of Sharing

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Are you a sharer?

As cliched as it sounds, growing up, my mom often sent me off to our neighbor’s house to borrow an egg, a cup of sugar, a stick of butter. That same neighbor sent her son to our house to occasionally ask for the same sorts of things. It was a nice arrangement. The boys next door also borrowed our surf boards, air pumps, and, when they got a bit older, some of my dad’s tools. With the economy the way it is, sharing seems like an obvious way to save a few bucks and save resources. I’m actually reading a book on the topic right now (review to come) …

So I’ve been trying to share more these days. It just makes sense. And I’ve also been looking for opportunities to borrow instead of buy. Are you doing the same thing?

It takes a shift in the way we thing about things. Just the other day, my brother called to tell me that he and his wife were buying new backpacks for a trip they’re taking to Australia this year. I listened, we chatted about his plans, and I hung up. It took me a few hours to remember that my partner and I have two barely-used backpacks that would work perfectly for them. I called him back and offered to loan him our packs.

Are you finding more opportunities to share? Does it come naturally or are you making some extra effort?

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