AT On: The Benefits of Hiring Movers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After weeks of seemingly endless packing, we’ve finally moved in to our new apartment. We’re happy (and a little surprised) to say that the move went really well. Despite stressing over whether or not we’d get everything done, we were organized on moving day, and our wonderful movers from Joey’s made everything run smoothly…

This is the first time we’ve hired movers for our home, and Joey’s was worth every penny we spent. (For pricing, see Heather’s review in our AT:Chicago services guide.)

A few of the key benefits of hiring movers:
• They finished the job in just a few hours. It would’ve taken us at least a whole day.
• They were organized, read the labels on our boxes, and kept things in order.
• We didn’t have to call in help from friends.
• In the future, we won’t have to return the favor by helping friends with their moves.
• No pulled muscles, achy backs, or emotional breakdowns.

Thanks to everyone who gave encouragement in the comments of our packing post. To those who’ve moved this month: we hope things went as smoothly as possible! To those who are preparing for a move: best of luck!

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