AT On...: The Change Jar
Lily Gahagan
Feb 13, 2009
my "change vase"
Do you have a change jar in your home? I've got one which, up until now, has mostly been an afterthought (unless I need change for the MUNI). But I've hatched a plan to grow my jar and work on our apartment at the same time...
another one for laundry
The thought started when my S.O. mentioned they had a swear jar at work. Charging someone for swearing is not my thing (hey, I'm Irish), but it gave me an idea. My two addictions (embarrassingly enough, candy and magazines) need to be nipped in the bud, and there are aspects of our home I'd like to work on but don't have room for in the budget right now. So now when I want a new glossy read or a bag of whatever sweet has caught my eye, I'll be putting that money into the change jar to go to my next home project, instead. Sure, it's not a dramatically original idea, but it will free up some more money in our budget for home stuff (and might cut down on dentist's bills in the process). Are you putting your change to work? If so, what is it going toward? We'd love to hear.
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