AT on: The Labelless Home

AT on: The Labelless Home

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 21, 2007

We've had enough of advertising. By the time we get home, we've seen so much product placement that we decided to try eliminating it at home. So we started a little campaign to rid ourselves of all the labels - designer or not - that dot our eye-scape. We've found that the calmness and the lessening of visual stimulation it has brought to our home is significant...

Once you start doing this it becomes a bit of an obsession and you realize how much of it there is.

The most offending rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom, but we also found that baby products like bouncers and strollers have large "death stickers" all over them (warnings that misuse could lead to death or other painful tragic ends that lawyers require all these products to have these days). We've systematically removed nearly all of them (AFTER reading them - don't worry).

In the kitchen we repackage a lot of our dry goods and staples into glass jars (and keep others behind closed doors), while in the bathroom we either strip off the label (if it will come off) or repackage shampoos and conditioners into the professional squeeze bottles above. When it comes to "death stickers" - highly offensive - we take a little time to clip the threads, remove the sewing and peel away the label.

Here's a few specific posts we've done on this:
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With really difficult labels we've used Goo-Gone to loosen their grip.

It all takes a little extra time, but we feel that it's worth it. Particularly in the bathroom, where everything is always out and visible, it makes for a much nicer environment and it feels much more "spa" like. Although it may seem crazy to some and a really micro managed improvement, we recommend it.

What's your experience?

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