AT on ... The Suburbs

AT on ... The Suburbs

Stephanie Kinnear
May 12, 2009

Can you build a green home in the suburbs? Here's an answer from a Wall Street Journal column by Roger Lewis:

"No matter how green individual homes are, suburban sprawl is intrinsically anti-green. It generates infrastructure inefficiency; car dependency and rising fossil fuel demand; carbon-emitting, time-wasting road congestion ..."

What do you think? (Here's that column in case you're interested.) Are the suburbs one of the worst ideas we've ever come up with as a society, as far as the environment is concerned? Setting up a community that is almost purposefully distanced from our places of work?

Having grown up in a town that was often referred to as a suburb of Los Angeles — even though it's a good 90 miles away — I struggle with this one. I see the appeal of the suburbs. I see why some families want to move out of urban centers to places that are a bit quieter ... sometimes safer.

But is the environmental cost worth it? What do you think?

Via EcoGeek

(Image: Flickr member Jana Mills licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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