AT on … Tipping Points

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Call it what you will: a tipping point, a conversion moment, an awakening.

Most of us can remember a distinct moment.

A moment when something happened and, almost overnight, we went from being an average consumer and typical apartment dweller/homeowner to one that shuns paper towels and plastic bags, worries about VOCs, and dreams of bamboo floors.

For me it wasn’t exactly overnight, but it did happen fast. I had always considered myself an environmentalist, but it wasn’t until two family members, in quick succession, were diagnosed with very serious diseases (they are both fine now) that it became more personal.

Those things that aren’t good for the environment — they aren’t good for us. They make people sick. It was something that I knew on a theoretical level, but then it became real.

For some people — actually, make that a lot of people — it might have been An Inconvenient Truth (hey, did you hear about Al Gore’s Nobel Prize?). Other people probably can’t remember a time when they weren’t composting and cleaning their counters with baking soda.

What’s your story? What was your moment?

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