Moving On: Unpacking the Final Box

Moving On: Unpacking the Final Box

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 17, 2011

Over the years I've become a pro at packing up and moving my household. Having had many chances to relocate, I finally have a system that works relatively well. That said, I do have one hang up. That last pesky box with random items that don't yet have a home. I've lived in my current home for a year and it's just now been unpacked.

Truth be told, if my house was smaller, it would have been unpacked sooner, but my ability to ignore the contents for a full year have allowed me the luxury of turning a blind eye towards it. What was in it? A little of this, a little of that.

It started out as a box that was full of useful items that while many were removed and put away, what was left didn't have a home at the time. Shelves or storage needed to be built and so it sat. Then as other boxes were unpacked miscellaneous items of the same accord were tossed in.

It doesn't matter where I move, I always have this box. It might not be large, sometimes it's the size of a shoe box and it contains smaller personal items that don't really fit in the medicine cabinet or dresser, other times it's old driver's licenses or Altoids tins and spare change.

Maybe I move too often and this is a sign of my nomadic roots. Maybe I'm just lazy and should buck up and unpack the box. This one final box for me seems like a sign that I'm always ready for new adventures because if I never fully unpacked from the last move, then it's easy to feel temporary about a space without becoming attached. Do you have the same problem? Do you have that one last box lurking on a shelf in a closet? Share your thoughts below!

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