AT On... Upgrading to Borrowing

AT On... Upgrading to Borrowing

Jonathan B.
Jul 7, 2008

It seems like every holiday has become an excuse to buy more stuff. We've been hearing more and more abut "upgrading" lately... especially with barbecue grills. Seems like everyone needs the biggest, beefiest, heaviest one available. Oh, and in stainless steel, of course. Are these two grills in our backyard evidence that we fell prey to this trend?

Almost, but not quite. We had a few people over for the Fourth and realized that our charcoal grill, while it works fine for a few burgers, probably couldn't keep up with a crowd. What amazes us is that the first thing we thought of doing was buying, when we knew that more than one of the guests we invited had a grill we could at least ask to borrow.

So now we're wondering: why is the reflex to buy, rather than to borrow? Is it tacky to borrow something like a barbecue grill? It's certainly greener to borrow and return something you don't need all the time. Perhaps it's because all that asking nicely and saying please and thank you is a hassle, or perhaps it's the sense that you're somehow indebted... on the line for a future favor.

Are you a borrower? Or when you need something you don't have, is your first instinct to grab your wallet and head for the store?

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