AT On... Will You Join Us?

AT On... Will You Join Us?

Jonathan B.
Oct 29, 2008

It's odd to see a big oil company touting conservation, but that's exactly what Chevron is doing. And for us, it's reaching saturation levels—we feel like the woman holding a sign reading, "I will install a programmable thermostat" is becoming an old friend...

We laughed after seeing a bus decorated for the campaign—scrawled over one of the windows was the phrase "I will at least consider a hybrid." But the unintentional irony did provoke us to visit Chevron's website. There we found a visualization of conservation behavior Chevron calls the "energy generator." Say you switch out one regular light bulb for a CFL. Presto: you've just saved enough energy to write 429 blog posts, or to microwave 1332 bags of popcorn.

Our concern, though, is that the slot-machine style of the "energy generator" makes the different energy conservation measures seem interchangeable. In fact, some things save so much energy that they break the energy generator: try it and see what happens if you ride your bike to work more than 7 times per year. So, is Chevron's campaign just really savvy marketing, or can big oil really lead the way toward conservation?

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