AT on Your Apartment as a Date Magnet

AT on Your Apartment as a Date Magnet

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 28, 2006

What does your apartment say to the date you bring home? Is it a date magnet or a liability? Being that it is totally your domain and your most intimate space, you have to imagine that it will have a pretty good influence on what your date thinks about you, regardless of how hot you are. Here at the AT Labs, we've been thinking about this subject deeply and have come up with a few theories...

1. The Nurturing Apartment

If your apartment is comfortable, clean and physically well taken care of, this is a sign of your nurturing and caretaking abilities.
Read: you would make a good mother, father or caretaker.

2. The Smart Apartment

If your apartment is organized and efficient with minimal clutter, this is a sign of your professional and intellectual abilities.
Read: you are or will be successful in your career and would make a smart partner.

3. The Seductive Apartment

If your apartment is beautifully decorated with an emphasis on color and drama, this is a sign of your passion and desire.
Read: you are a good lover and ready for bed.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to find balance on all three levels, but far too often we visit clients and we see one or two of these levels predominating and it sends a clear message to any potential suitor.

What does your apartment say?

For example, some apartments send the signal that they are looking for a great night out and they are all about passionate romance. They highlight the inhabitants passionate nature and highlight dramatic design. See Jaime's Date Ready Pad. His emphasis in his apartment is on seduction more than anything else.

Other apartments send the signal that they take their professional ambitions seriously and organize themselves around maximum efficiency. They highlight organization and a clean design. See Allison's Design to the Max. Her emphasis in this apartment is on the application of her design sense and the intelligent use of space.

Still other apartments send the signal that they are looking for a husband, wife or lifemate and they are all about taking good care of the home. They highlight family photos, cleanliness and design based on comfort. See Charles' Perfect Garden Apartment. His emphasis is on history, family and creating a warm, comfortable environment.

How can this work for you?

Take a good look at your apartment and see which it is. Is this the message you really want to broadcast? If not, then you might just want to roll up your sleeves and do a little work on your apartment this weekend to help bring about your most desired outcome....

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