AT on...The Lure of Getting Decorginized

AT on...The Lure of Getting Decorginized

Laure Joliet
Mar 16, 2009

Thanks to Liz Lemon and my obsession with Alec Baldwin I try never to miss an episode of 30 Rock. Did you watch last week? The scene opened on Liz walking down the street with bags full of plastic containers intent on getting organized: "I got everything I need to get my life in order...I'm going to become wonderful, a new beginning like a phoenix rising from the ashes..." but she soon loses faith in 'decorginizing'.

As soon as her day starts to go south she abandons the fantasy of what life would be like if she were completely decorginized. I did laugh out loud at certain points realizing that I've been right there at times. Because how many times have I vowed to really get organized, all my ducks in a row, no lost keys ever again? The promise of perfection is enticing and seductive and with so many gorgeous homes to look at on AT and all the other decor blogs, it can seem like everyone else is organized and perfect. But just like airbrushed models, homes are staged: boxes are dragged out of frame, ugly things are kept out of frame (for instance, ever notice that you never see the TV in my living room? That's because I hadn't finished its nook and it was ugly! So I just didn't show any pictures of it.)

And the truth is, I am organized (just ask my boyfriend, it drives him crazy). But the lure of a perfect space underneath the kitchen sink, a drawer for all those spare buttons that come with new clothes, not forgetting to pick up my dry cleaning for 6 months can hold me hostage. As a recent post on Unclutterer talked about, sometimes decluttering itself can become clutter, especially when it becomes an obsession for perfection.

So as we begin the Spring Cure this week and many people embark on Spring Cleaning, remember that organizing, decluttering and decorating are ways to make a space more comfortable, they're tools for being able to enjoy life they're a means to an end, not the end itself.

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