AT Outs DWR and then Goes Drinking

AT Outs DWR and then Goes Drinking

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 7, 2005

Jam-packed. What is going on at DWR? We arrived on Friday night to face a mob of trendy people taking up every square inch of DWR's MePa shop for no apparent reason (except that you could get a vodka cocktail in the back if you waited long enough).

You couldn't see the furniture. You couldn't talk comfortably. There was no presentation that we could discern. We didn't meet Rob Forbes. All this for a free drink? Charles and Ray Eames were rolling in their graves.

However, we have to ask the larger question again: What is going on at DWR? Where do these people come from and how did a furniture store get this trendy? It was a veritable meat market in the meat market. Furniture is HOT.

After 20 minutes we left. Rounding up our merry band of AT readers (all now wearing hats to differentiate themselves from the mob), we headed around the corner to Passerby, where we proceeded to drink, talk and have a great time as even more people began to arrive.

On our second gathering, we have to admit to relaxing much more and totally getting into apartment obsessive conversations with Jamie Pup, Ruth, Mary Czarina, Robyn Ryan, Jim K, Lori and more.... Lockhart Steele even showed up! (He was mobbed for autographs).

Do bloggers carry on normal conversations? Yes, they do. We talked real estate, we talked about other commenters, we talked about other blogs, we met DWR staff that were also fleeing the event.

We were proud and happy to have met such lovely, interesting readers and look forward to next month's gathering where we will take a cue from Friday and go light on the event and park ourselves longer at the bar. (Thanks to all!) MGR

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