AT Meetup: Tonight 7-9 – All Over America

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is going to be VERY interesting. Because readers in San Francisco floated the idea of a meetup, we are finally going for it tonight. All the locations are confirmed below and drinks are on AT until the money runs out (password: apartment therapy).

Please take pics and send them in on Friday and Alec and I will upload them into a slideshow. This is also a good time to network, make suggestions and ask questions. This is real community based on our shared interest in having a good home, and you can help to shape it.

San Francisco – The eagle has landed at Fluid, an uber hip bar in downtown, near the financial district. Check out the website. RSVP and join the thread here.

New York – Jill, SKGR and I will be hosting over at the Union Square Lounge which is below Coffee Shop and recommended by Sundance. RSVP and Link to the thread here.

Chicago – Guest editor’s Janel & Heather will be in attendance along with a rambunctious group of readers over at Webster’s Wine Bar at 1480 W Webster Ave. It may be a bit “ordinary,” but this is just the first gathering. There’s time for more. RSVP and join the thread here.

Los Angeles – Alec, Vanessa, Enrique and assorted others are in for the East/West Bar in West Hollywood (and they might be getting the prize for the hippest location). RSVP and join the thread here.