AT Party Last Night: New York

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

IT was packed. As over 50 of us took over the Union Square Lounge last night, we outdid the trendy nightspot (which was a bit too noisy) with all the good people and energy that showed up. We saw Nora, Cherie, Hushpuppie, Sonia, Tat, Patrick (the other one), Trish, Jamie Pup and his wife, Phyllis, Jimkk, Anne, Philip, Jash, Frank, New Tenant, Suzie, Amy, Sara, AL, Danae, and others who’s names escape us right now (Jonathan’s assumed name as well).

It was an absolute pleasure to meet many new faces, some of which are featured here in the very small slideshow (We really DO need a professional for these things, don’t you think?). If you have a picture, send it in and we’ll add it. This is the NY party thread post.