AT Survey: How Large Is Your Kitchen?

AT Survey: How Large Is Your Kitchen?

Gregory Han
Mar 23, 2009

The kitchen that Emily and I use is admittedly pretty darn small. At 68" x 76" in size, it's more of a boat -sized cooking space than an ordinary kitchen (though not as small as this kitchen), meaning that only one of us can cook at a time, lest we end up finding ourselves accidentally included as one of the ingredients. The average US kitchen is 300 sq. ft...almost half the size of our studio apartment! Though we're proponents of small space living, we do think having a decent sized kitchen is a luxury we wouldn't mind having again, since we do miss cooking together in the same room (I'm sometimes relegated to potato peeling duties in the living room when called upon). You'll notice our cat looks uncomfortable in the corner...that's because we're standing too close to him in our tiny sized kitchen and he feels like we're not respecting his personal space. Even he wants us to get a larger kitchen...

Here's my dear mom in her kitchen from way back when she lived in what was soon to be named Koreatown. The kitchen in our Wilshire Blvd. area apartment was small, but still much larger than the one Emily and I use currently; about twice as large. Side note: we love the colour of the tile and her stylish early 70's outfit.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, we've got the kitchen inside LA's most expensive apartment, darn near ready to have Gordon Ramsey over to throw something together, with room to spare for several Mario and Emeril-sized chefs.

So AT people...what sort of kitchen to you work your culinary magic in? Do you wish you had a larger kitchen to work in, or do you hardly cook anyway and just use the space to socialize? For those of you with small kitchens, any good tips you'd like to share about space saving solutions? We're personally fond of magnetic utensil holders, kitchen rails, ceiling pot racks, hooks, hanging produce baskets, and near-ceiling shelving to optimize space. And yet, we're still struggling with the battle of the bulge in the kitchen.

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