AT Survey: How Much Would You Spend on a Sofa?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Coming up with a budget for a makover is hard. So, when we are trying to get a sense of how much a person is willing to spend on their apartment, we often ask them the ultimate NYC question: “How much would you spend on a sofa?” The answer to this inevitably tells us volumes about a client’s spending comfort. Tell us what your comfort level is here and then see what others have said to see where you stand.

Under $999 – Cheap – Student (ex. Ikea)

$1000-$2500 – Affordable – Professional (ex. Crate & Barrel)

$2500-$5000 – Deluxe – Upper Professional (ex. Montauk)

$5000 and up – Rockstar! (ex. B&B Italia)