AT Survey: New vs. New-to-you

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We photographed a great apartment this week (House Tour coming tomorrow!) filled with tons of style and almost nothing in it was purchased new. In fact, the owners said the item count of “bought new at a retail store” is only 4!

The rest was from thrift stores, Craig’s List, scavenged from the great alleys of Chicago, handmade or handed down from family and friends. It got us thinking about where we acquired our furniture, and we realized we are probably at around 50% new/50% new-to-us.

So, at your place…new or new-to-you?

It’s fun to do a mental inventory of your stuff and relive the stories of when and where it all got to you – because there’s always a story…especially with the hand-me-downs and d.i.y. stuff. Feel free to share the stories of your great finds (either new or new-to-you) – comment away!

photo: by Karibombari in the Thriftstore Pool on Flickr – Thanks!