AT Survey: Want One Near You? #2

AT Survey: Want One Near You? #2

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 21, 2006

Thanks so much for all your comments on Wednesday! Jill went through all of them and extracted great meaning, which she then distilled to some very good notes down below. We also extracted meaning from them and inserted it into our thick mainframe. We also were able to come up with a final survey based on your comments. Vote for your area if you live there and/or if you would absolutely be interested in reading the blog of that area.


The results:
20% in favor of the DC/Baltimore region.

Followed by:
A Home Base site, akin to Craigslist, where unique factors like store reviews occurred in a number of cities
Pacific Northwest
Twin Cities--Minneapolis/St. Paul

Comments about the home base include:
AT as a portal that's clickable to each city (i'm picturing a craigslist model) would be swell.

Add forums (a main forum, then forums for other cities/regions).If one of these forums is particularly active with a good group of posters who contribute often, give them their own main site (this would probably eliminate any talent search issues as well; as the frequent posters can simply become contributers if that region/city gets a site).

I wish that EVERYONE navigated to an "AT:home base", and there could be mini-links for each city (INCLUDING nyc)---so people could find out what's going on in their area, what great shops/local products are around, etc. but we could all interact and get advice on homebase. just side items on sales, etc. in particular cities. Somewhere that those of us who live in "small" or "unimportant" or "unhip" cities can go. If you are traveling you can reference AT for great places to shop in different cities...

Splinter sites for different rooms (ex. the kitchen or the garden)

Comments on Pacific NW: (the golden triangle of Portland, Seattle, Vancouver) and environs...Think lumberjack meets high tech...we call it the Silicon Forest....home of Microsoft and Nike and whatever Vancouver is home to (lots of Asian influences obviously)....giant trees and rain and mottled light a thousand grays of the inside of an oyster shell and design galore....Seattle and Portland have deep Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish roots and lots of danish modern to be had all over...thrifting, second hand, and vintage are all good out this way too...lots of inspiration

Others suggested exclusivity: Include London, Paris, and maybe Osaka, then close the door.

Comments from the Int'l Front: I would love to see an AT Canada site...I'm in Western Canada, but anywhere in Canada would make me happy. It's so hard to find things that are listed in U.S. locations, and cross-border online shopping costs twice the price, after the exchange rate and the duties...ugh. We have our own version of would be cool to have our own AT, too!

I like the sound of "OZ Therapy" so I third the motion for Sydney, Australia - or maybe at the very least a bit of an 'international' site where there are some links to vendors who ship internationally

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