Rebecca's Cure: Week Six - Momentum Drop?

Rebecca's Cure: Week Six - Momentum Drop?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 12, 2008

At this point in the process, Max says it's natural to lose a little momentum - my room is already nicer than it's ever been, nobody really cares that the stuff in my outbox is still piled in the corner of our hallway, and also, life seems full of much more important things that I really should be giving my attention to.

But Max encourages me to press on, and since I knew you would be waiting with bated breath to find out what would happen next, I decided to enlist my gracious roommates for a little shake-up project - rearranging my furniture to see if I could get some more breath into the room.

I moved my desk to the window, because a) I've always wanted to have a desk in a window, and b) I never once used it in the dark corner where it was before. I rotated my bed at Max's suggestion, so that you can get out on either side, and also because it's more symmetrical, which is more soothing and also apparently how God would have done it (I guess you can ask the Greeks about that one?). I thought having my bed that way would crowd the open space in the middle of my room, which I loved, but what it actually did was open up a whole new flow for the room, and also an unexpected nook for my rocking chair.

At JG's suggestion I moved the bookshelf, because there really wasn't a reason for it to be where it was; in fact, it was covering the heat vent (and yes, believe it or not, that actually makes a difference... !). The moral of the story: because I didn't settle with a random arrangement of furniture I was for some reason attached to, I am now much toastier, have a place to write, and have the luxury of deciding which side of the bed I'll get out on. All this, at the price of just a few batted eyelashes for enlisting the help of my roommates to lift things (and believe me, it took some real swooshing to tear them away from our brand-new vacuum).

On the flip side, moving the furniture uncovered a few things that need fixing - an electrical outlet that's falling out of the wall, a section of trim that was never painted, a few piles of things that had already started nesting in forgotten corners. Ha! Clutter: though you sneak, you will never take over my life again! I am ON to YOU!

Next week: project color swatch. Stay tuned. Believe me, there will be pictures. And, if you're lucky, yet another chance to cast your ballot for the public good.

Best, Rebecca "the winsome clutterer" Bea

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