AT:Chicago Store Guide: A Reader Review

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ok, so we got the nicest email and thought we’d share:

Dear AT:
I was in Chicago for a wedding, and I used your store guide to help me out.

I went to at least 30 stores in your guide with my 3 day CTA pass ($12 has to be the best buy in Public Transport in the Country!) and found some really great things for myself and clients.

I can’t say enough how great and reasonably priced The White Attic is. Modern Times and Pavilion had some really great things too. I found planters at Sprout Home. I found a hard to source shelving item at Morlen Sinoway Atelier.

I even found shelves for my own tiny apt bathroom at Luminaire and of course, Luminaire’s service in Chicago is horrible, but the price of the shelves weren’t as bad as I was expecting.

Your architecture salvage resources were great too, but they didn’t have what I was looking for. But great things to remember for the future.

I was there weekend of the full conversion of Marshall Fields into Macy’s (All things must change), but I always forget how the 8th and 9th floors of the State Street Store are a real invaulable resource too.

I deliberately stayed away from the Mart this time just because of your postings of these stores and I ended up doing much better.

When people at the stores asked me how I heard of them, I always said Apt Therapy Chicago.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for writing and spreading the word, Todd! Glad your visit to Chicago was a good one.

Chicago readers, we’d love to hear your suggestions of stores to add to the guide. If there is somewhere you’d like us to check out and post about, let us know in the comments below – we’ll add it to our ever-growing list of great local shops to cover.

(Re-edited from a post originally posted on 09.20.06)