Nominated for a Webby Award!!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dept. of Awards. In the world of websites there is only – as of yet – one real awards ceremony that pulls any weight: The Webby Awards. We are pleased to announce that we just found out last week that we have been nominated for “Best Lifestyle Website” by the 9th Annual Webbys and are in the running against:

AOL BlackVoices – America Online, Inc. – CondeNet

Home & Garden Television Online – Scripps Networks

Unika Vaev Textiles – Jones Studio Ltd.

As you can see, we are by FAR the smallest fish in this pond and the only BLOG. However, the quality of our readership is out of this league and our lifestyle is mesmerizing and absoutely homegrown. There are two awards in each category: the Webby Award and the Webby People’s Voice Award.

To help us out, you can vote for us right now in the category of People’s Choice Awards (click here), which would be an amazing win and may be our best chance.

As they say on Public Radio, if you are reading right now…. please go vote for us to continue! MGR