ATLA On The Town: Kelly LaPlante Book Signing

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last night we went to Kelly LaPlante’s signing of her new book, Ecologique, which took place at her store in Venice, in Windward Circle. This was like no book signing we’d gone to before. There were fabulous cocktails courtesy of Veev, a spirit made from acai, the super-antioxidant berry; there were elegant vegan hors d’oeuvres; there was a velvet rope, a guest list and a chauffered ride in the smooth Lexus Hybrid. And there was Kelly LaPlante, who puts the glamour in eco-responsible design. Really, we weren’t too surprised. With LaPlante as a last name, it’s clear she was destined to put the “Oh la la” in being green.

If you still harbour the idea that living green means living ugly, one flip through Kelly’s book will convince you otherwise. We saw some of it in action when we took a ride in that Lexus to visit the Eco-Cottages that Grace blogged a few months ago. Three small bungalows — nicknamed Papa Hemingway, Aunt Zoe’s Place and Le Bebe — originally built in 1922, have been renovated in a sustainable manner and operate green. Small in size but big in design, we were tempted to rent them right then and there. To purchase her book, click here or pick it up at her store the next time you’re down at the beach. (100% of the proceeds go to Global Green and The Blank Theatre Company). You’ll come back having done something for yourself, and others, that lasts longer,and is better for you, than a tan.