ATLA's Top Ten Eleven Alarm Clocks

ATLA's Top Ten Eleven Alarm Clocks

Gregory Han
Feb 27, 2007

The bedside alarm clock, that small bedroom appliance of necessity (for most) and torture (for all). It's funny how most of us need a little electronic/analog device to nag us out of bed each morning, but without one I wonder how many of us would make it to work on time. Half the time I wake up before the alarm goes off with Nostradamus-like premonition, just so I can eke out a few precious more minutes of shuteye. But still, it's a safety net I do not dare go without.

It's certainly easy enough to find alarm clocks of all shapes, sizes, and methods of awakening. But to find an alarm clock that looks half-way decent is another story altogether. So we present to you Apartment Therapy LA's Top Ten Eleven Best Looking Alarm Clocks. It's about time, right?

*Hey, we just noticed that our stylish cohorts at AT Chicago posted their own Top 10. Check it out!

Handle Alarm Clock: We start off with a clock that pulls our chain, because it's only a concept right now and yet unavailable. An ingenious timepiece, the alarm is set by pulling out the pull-handle to a length that coincides with the time desired. Press the LCD to turn off the alarm.

On/Off Alarm Clock: Danish designer Nina Tolstrup's clock see-saws between on and off alarm settings depending upon which side of the clock is flat against the table. Six brilliant Tron-tastic colours to choose from.

Sony ICF-C763 Dream Machine : This little modtastic piece is the very same alarm that heckles and harasses me each morning, ensuring I make it into work on least 90% of the time (the 10% tardiness my own fault). Obviously the designers were dreaming of Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair when looking for inspiration.

Companion Personal Light/Clock: Vessel combines the utility of a bedside rechargeable night light with a LCD alarm clock, making sure you're both on time for those late night snack raids of the fridge and that you can see what the heck you've regretfully eaten.

Big Ben Twilight Clock: Apparently the good folks at Real Simple recommended this vintage flavoured analog alarm clock. We can see why: it's 50's simplicity revisited, with 4 minute snooze feature and dimly illuminated clock face. The Cleavers would approve.

Beech Wood Clock: Made of rounded beech wood, there's nothing fancy or extraneous about this alarm clock. Yet it makes an impression of understated sophistication. If Natalie Portman was an alarm clock, she'd look like this.

The Zen Timepiece: A meditative hand-polished brass bowl gong mechanism clock that chimes with a mindful and progressive note of awakening. Peace and tranquility - *gong* - a beautiful day awaits -*Gong*- now get your ass outta bed already -*GONG*!

Starck Smart Clock: This Philippe Starck is for the person who wants to know everything upon awakening: clock, AM/FM radio, calendar, weather forecast, barometric pressure, your chances of winning the Mega Millions Lotto (not really, but perhaps in the next update). Take note, has a few of these for 69% off.

Jacob Jensen Alarm Clock: less is often more, especially when discussing the designs of Jensen. This looks like an extension of his past work for Bang & Olufsen, but with a much more reasonable price tag.

Tivoli Audio® Model Three™ AM/FM clock radio: A handsome dual component sound and alarm system from Tivoli that takes sound seriously, one for each side of the bed. You'd hesitate smacking the snooze button on this beauty.

Wooden Clock: We don't even try to understand how the numbers wondrously appear on the face of this wooden block clock. We think it involves Danish elven magic of design.

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