AT:SF Turns One!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tomorrow is our first birthday. So, following AT:Chicago’s terrific lead, we’re recapping what we’ve learned about you, our readers.

You live in SF, in the Haight/Cole Valley/Castro/Mission (yeah, we need to re-do that survey one of these days). You rent a place that’s between 650 and 1,200 square feet, and you pay between $800-$1500). You’re not planning on having kids — which probably explains why you don’t decorate for Halloween. You’ll spend up to $500 for non-reversible decor in your rented abode. Your home’s color comes from accessories — not including the art you make or you buy for between $100 and $250, and, of course you have art in your toilet/bath combo loo. (Which you think is much better than a combination bedroom/bathroom.) You spend less than an hour a week of non-traditional time in your bedroom, and you have a bedside table that’s closer to the table that runneth over.

You scan the pictures and words to decide what to read on AT. . .and we’re glad you keep reading, and commenting, and sending us tips and photos. Thanks for a great first year! We hope to meet (and re-meet) you next month!

Image: Wikimedia