Decorating for the Sexes: Aubergine for Men

Decorating for the Sexes: Aubergine for Men


"Purple" probably ranks close to the top of controversial home décor colors, right up there with "pink," and "black.". We put these color names in quotations because the right shade of any of these polarizing colors in the right context can be absolutely stunning — even when that space is shared by both genders. We're on the verge of painting one wall in our living room a very deep, rich aubergine (the one on the far right down there) and since this decision was made jointly between a boy and a girl, we thought we'd write about how we came to settle on "purple" and ask for your best gender battles in home decorating...



The dingy, yellowy trim color in our living room is making our beautiful Silver Fox (Ben Moore) walls look purple — that's how it all started. We've already tried a handful of small scale tweaks to fix the color harmony in the space to no avail so, last week, we drafted a list of possibilities to finally "fix" the room. The list included painting the trim a nice, crisp white (which would be a nightmare because there's so much of it and we rent), repainting all the walls a less-purple gray (but we love the Silver Fox), or just going with the flow by painting one wall a deep, rich, manly purple (banking on the fact that a true purple would pull the Silver Fox back to gray).


Now, Kayla has been pushing for purple for a while now and Wes has (lovingly) rolled his eyes each time, promising "some day...some day..." So the fact that a purple wall is now not only a viable idea but also a mutual solution for our living room makes Kayla giddy with triumph and Wes nervous with hesitation. We decided so long as we call it "aubergine" and ended up with something as stunning as this image then we will both be completely happy. In addition to painting the one wall "Caponata" from Ben Moore's Affinity line, we will also be playing musical chairs with the FLOR tiles we already own, moving multi-colored Toy Poodle out and Stampede (cowhide-esque) in. The end result will actually be fairly similar to our inspiration picture!

While writing this we remembered that Patrick's winning Bloomingdale's window, The Bachelor Party, is also a deep aubergine color and it's definitely masculine. We'll keep you posted on the purple transformation...

So how about you? Any gender-based decorating struggles in your house?

top image from Flickr user brew ha ha

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