Audiobooks at the Gym?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We spend a lot of time at the gym because our surroundings are primarily composed of concrete (not great for jogging) and there is a gym in the building. Treadmills are boring. However, watching a TV that is even closer to your face than your computer can be a dizzying and headache inducing experience. The time spent pumping iron is supposed to be one where we decompress from sitting in front of a computer screen all day anyway, so what can we do to keep focus off of the repetition?

The knee-jerk response is going to be music, right? “Oh, I’ve got this great mix that pumps me up for my run” We have that too, but effectiveness definitely decreases over time and damn it, if you are listening to music all day while you work, an hour (…more like 20 mins…) of heart pumping Psy Goa may be just the opposite of what you are looking for.

What is one to do?

How about a good book? There is something about the suspense of a thickening plot that keeps us fresh and forgetful of time. It keeps us going much longer than any music could. We have been doing this lately with extraordinary results.

In fact, they became even moar extraordinarier when we made the jump to audiobooks. Sure, there has been a lot of talk lately about iPads and other e-readers and on a more modern machine it is no problem to read a handheld book or Kindle/competitor, but on an old fashioned treadmill you have to go audio for anything above power walking.

Oh! And for all you road ragers stuck in traffic, an audiobook will make you a lamb behind the wheel. It’s like being on a cellphone, but you can actually pay attention to what you are doing.

Who’s your co-pilot when exercising? Do you have a routine or do you switch things up on the fly?

Audiobook club roundup:
If you don’t know what is, you are probably reading the wrong post.

FREE public domain audiobooks. Actually free- a great way to get started or maybe it’s all you’ll ever need.
They have new, used and rental programs like netflix- they sound quite innovative and would be worth a look.
This is actually a free text to speech website that converts to mp3 so you can listen later. You can convert a lot of different file types and play them on your portable device. It works better if you are a Stephen Hawking fan.