August is…almost over!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just back from Hawaii (obligatory Maui sunset snap from a post-dinner walk, left) and the combination of cooler temperatures, a rainy morning that turned into a full rainy day and unpacking (sand everywhere) made us face the facts: summer is quickly nearing its end.

We are looking forward to that undeniable, annual “back to school” energy which makes us feel ready for a new season. It’s a perfect time to start projects, set some goals, and get a little bit more serious about getting things done…

And so we ARE getting ready for our upcoming monthly theme on AT: “The Nursery”. Heather and I will be looking at resources for making children’s spaces as beautiful, organized and healthy as grown-up ones.

But, for now, just a few reminders: Jill would love to get any links for our front page as part of the links drive and we would love to see more photos of how you live on flickr finds.

Have a great week and enjoy the final days of our laziest month!