Amy Azzarito

10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar
We’ve posted many times about the cleaning powers of vinegar. Our new favorite book, A Guide to Green Housekeeping, inspired us to buy distilled vinegar by the gallon, and we’ve begun using it for nearly all our cleaning. So here’s our favorite 10 uses for vinegar.
Mar 19, 2020
DIY Industrial Bed: Made from Pipes
After seeing Jeanine’s post on Desks and Furniture Designed From Plumbing Pipes, we thought we’d share a DIY we did a few years ago. For some reason, we decided to build our own bed. Out of pipes. We’ve used it every night for four years, and it still looks pretty good. Detailed plan follows.We found the project in Country Home magazine and since it’s not online, we scanned in our tattered page from the magazine.
Nov 24, 2008