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We Want to Hear From You! Share Your Best Local Sources for Framing Art
If there is a single category of home decor that absolutely, positively reflects the unique personality of a dweller, it’s art. Except, if you’re anything like me, you struggle to actually get it up on the walls. As an art lover, I have many prints, photographs and unhung canvases all rolled up in the containers they were delivered in, stashed away in the dark corners of my closet. Every weekend comes and goes with the promise of researching a good framer near me.
Feb 6, 2017
Explore All the Comfortable Couches Tested by Our Sofa Squad
Looking for real-life, honest reviews on some of the best-selling sofas from go-to furniture retailers? You’ve come to the right place. The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad is here to actually sit on and test couches, bringing back our expert opinion on what we found to be comfortable. Read more about it here, and scroll through and click each button below to see what we thought about the seating at the following stores.
Feb 6, 2017
Introducing the Sofa Squad: Our Hunt for REALLY Comfortable Sofas
This month, we are kicking off a new series: The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad. Internally known simply as “Sofa Squad”, our editorial team converged on New York City to couch surf our way through a hefty helping of retailers. We sat. We lounged. We plopped. We cocooned. We nestled. We faux napped (some may have actually napped.) All in the name of Sofa Squad. SS’s mission is to do the sitting and rating for you.
Feb 6, 2017
Low Price, High Style: Target’s New Lighting Will Stop You In Your Tracks
Have you walked through the lighting section of your local Target lately? If you haven’t, let me give you a little update: What’s happening there is good. Lamps, pendants and chandeliers are one of those home decor items that are often—sometimes inexplicably—costly. I understand the higher price tags of handmade, artisan pieces, but mass produced big box store items…don’t get it. Which is why Target wins again in my book.
Feb 6, 2017
These Giant “LEGOS” Might Be a Studio Apartment’s Best Friend
Ah LEGOS: Loved by kids everywhere, loathed by parents who inevitably and painfully step barefoot on the little plastic blocks/torture devices. The build-your-own-anything toy has gotten an adult-friendly homage thanks to EverBlock System, the New York-based company creating modular oversize plastic blocks that, similar to LEGO, can stack on top of each other to create, well…as much as you can imagine.
Feb 3, 2017
This 700-Square-Foot Boston Condo Goes from “Perfectly Lovely” to Modern Showstopper
Project by: Farr North Interiors Location: Boston, Massachusetts A previous renovation in 2010 gave a perfectly lovely cosmetic upgrade to a once-dated 710-square-foot condo in Boston. Though the modernization created a significant aesthetic improvement, layout and flow issues remained in the 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment originally built in the 1800s. To reconfigure the home, the homeowners brought in Kerry Farr of Farr North Interiors to tackle the small space challenges.
Feb 2, 2017
3 Looks, 1 (Small) Budget: Makeover Your Bed for Under $100
Buying budget-friendly bedding is like walking aisle-by-aisle through the dollar store: “Everything’s so cheap!” you’ll say, as you grab handfuls of votive candles and duct tape. Before you know it, you’ve tallied up a $60 bill on nothing more than silly putty and plastic hangers. Okay, so it’s not exactly like that, but the sentiment is the same.
Feb 1, 2017
The Handmade Home: 15 Favorite Etsy Decor Finds Under $25
A personable home is made in the unique details that bring it to life: a quirky art piece; the one-of-a-kind vase you picked up from a local artisan; the hand-painted bowl adorning the center of your dining table. No matter how small, these little details are the supporting cast to your furniture protagonists: Without them, you’d still have a show, but probably not one juicy enough to want to binge-watch.
Jan 26, 2017
IKEA’s New PS 2017 Collection is Here & It’s a Happy Modern Dream
Anytime IKEA announces a new line of furnishings and home accessories, we find that cause to celebrate (or at the very least squeal with delight). Available this February, the PS 2017 collection speaks to what we know and love about the Swedish retailer; each piece is playfully and smartly designed, most doing double duty.
Jan 26, 2017
Everything You Want (& Need) To Know Before Buying Furniture
Buying furniture can be intimidating, even if you know what you’re looking for in terms of style (if you don’t, that’s an entirely different mountain to climb.) For instance, how do you really know what you’re spending your valuable dollars on will last? What materials are best for wear-and-tear? What questions should you be asking a sales person before committing to a purchase? We turned to the pros (i.e.
Jan 24, 2017
The Best Touchscreen Gloves to Keep Your Digits Warm This Winter
The plights of the winter warrior are plenty, but one in particular is figuring out how to keep your hands from turning blue and numb in freezing temps while still staying connected. These 11 touchscreen-compatible gloves are here to solve that problem for you. Fleece is a great option for gloves as its warm and low-maintenance. This fun pair, which also comes in three other colors/prints are on sale and running out fast, so snatch them up if they’re calling your name!
Jan 18, 2017
The Design Trends (That You Haven’t Heard About Yet) That Are Going to Heat Up in 2017
As a design editor, it’s my job to stay on top of (and decode) potential trends in the industry. There are some that are low hanging fruit (for 2017, it’s clear the color green is a front-runner, plants are now “it” items, and there will be a prevalence of natural/boho materials like terra-cotta), but others kind of fly under the radar until all of a sudden, you start noticing them everywhere.
Jan 10, 2017
Throwback TV Quiz: How Many Sitcom Living Rooms Can You Recognize?
For as long as they’ve been transmitted through your television, family TV sitcoms have revolved around the living room. A look back at those memorable sets reveals a time capsule of interior design. For instance, One glance at Full House’s light blue gingham sofa brings back a wave of late ’80s/early ’90s nostalgia (hold the stirrup pants, please!).
Jan 9, 2017
Warming Trend: 15 of the Best Electric Blankets
It takes far less than a polar vortex to make you shiver beneath layers and layers of blankets (heck, sometimes, an office A/C blowing at full force is enough to turn your hands numb and blue.) Take your personal space’s temperature into your own hands and crank up the heat with an electric blanket. Whether you want to stay toasty at home or at work, wrap yourself in one of these 15 pretty options. Electric Blankets: Pros and ConsDo Design-Friendly Electric Blankets Exist?
Jan 9, 2017
15 Gorgeous Green Sofas (For When You’re Ready to Move on from Navy)
Pantone’s Color of the Year may be Greenery, “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade,” but my colored-sofa loving heart is smitten with a deeper shade of the earthy color: emerald. If you’re ready to move on from neutral seating (or the ever popular navy isn’t for you), consider one of these 15 luscious green sofas (from deep hunter green to exciting olive).
Jan 5, 2017
The Perfect Tiny “Treehouse” Home of Decorist’s Head of Design
Project by: Ashley Redmond of Decorist Project location: Marin, California Ashley Redmond, Head of Design for popular E-design company Decorist, has designed rooms in the homes of Jamie Chung, Audrina Patridge, Erin Hiemstra, and more. She recently updated her own 500-square-foot tiny “treehouse” in the woods of Marin, California. Let’s take a look, shall we? From Ashley: My inspiration for the space was definitely a laid back, bohemian vibe.
Jan 3, 2017
Design Lessons I Know Now that I Wish I Could Share with My Younger Self
My first decorating memory dates back about 20 years or so (the dates are hazy, but the experience is crystal clear.) After some pleading, my mom had granted me the opportunity to redesign my bedroom. I took the job very seriously, sweating over picking just the right shade of bubblegum pink (a risk for this non-pink lover), but it felt right at the time.
Jan 3, 2017
It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye: 2016 Trends That Are Maxing Out (But We Still Love Them Anyway)
In terms of decor, 2016 had something for everyone. Artful bohemian? Global textiles and/or tropical prints were your heroes. Classic glam? There was so.much.glam to go around this year. I took stock of 10 of my favorite design trends from the past 12 months that I’m just not ready to see go just yet.
Dec 30, 2016
10 Decor Items Men* Just Don’t Understand
*Ok, actually, one man. You may have noticed the asterisk in the title. That is because I felt the need to commence this by stating that “men” for the purpose of this article refers specifically to my male S.O. Your S.O. (or brother, or father, or you, if you are a man) may be more in tune with decor sensibilities, so please take the blanket statement with a pinch of salt. Before I get into the nitty gritty, though, let me say that I’m very lucky. My S.O.
Dec 22, 2016
Fashionable New York Style Collides With Traditional Chicago Architecture in a Couple’s Dreamy “Forever” Home
Project by: Emily Mackie of Inspired Interiors Project location: Chicago, Illinois Roughly 800 miles separate Manhattan from Chicago, but that didn’t stop one couple from trying to bring the signature fashion-forward style of the Big Apple to life in their new “forever” Windy City home.
Dec 18, 2016
Instant Gratification: The 11 Best Instant Print Cameras
Nostalgia may be a dirty liar, but it’s is a heady cocktail that is hard to resist. Enter the instant print camera of yesteryear, which I liken to the anti-Instagram/Snapchat/anything social and digital. In a day and age where you increasingly feel the need to perfectly compose your life for the sake of virtual likes, it’s understandable why throwback tech like Polaroids and instant film systems (where the photo is for you and you alone) are making a resurgence.
Dec 12, 2016
Win Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party With One of These 11 Outrageous Picks
The ugly Christmas sweater has become a staple of the holiday season. What once was reserved for jubilant grandmas donning ornament earrings (and basically anyone stuck in the ’80s) is now a nearly overrun trend (that we secretly hope never dies). When else is it okay to flaunt unflattering pullovers with the aim to look as ridiculous as imaginable? Sounds like a win-win to us.
Dec 3, 2016
Target’s Cyber Monday Sale: Our Picks for the Best Deals
…and for our small-biz shoppers, a roundup of great gift ideas you can feel good about from Etsy!
Nov 28, 2016
The Most Beautiful 2017 Wall Calendars
If my head weren’t screwed on, I’d probably regularly leave it in one of the home decor aisles at Target. If I didn’t have a wall calendar in my office, I absolutely would have no idea what day it was. Sure I can look at my iPhone, on the two calendars on my laptop, check my watch (though that’s always a few days off), but nothing beats the simplicity of glancing over to my wall and realizing it’s Friday (woo hoo!).
Nov 25, 2016
The 9 Best Adjustable Height & Standing Desks
They say that sitting is the new smoking, and with potential health hazards such as decreased circulation, heart disease and back or neck pain and thrombosis—yikes!—we can see why. Personal well-being aside, sitting for prolonged periods can also effect performance at work due to low concentration and productivity (don’t lie…we know you’ve considered a George Costanza under-the-desk nap before).
Nov 23, 2016
5 Things You Haven’t Thought to Buy on Black Friday, But Should
It’s a specific list of product types that rule Black Friday: TVs and computers (basically, consumer electronics in general), toys and clothing. Though we cannot deny there are really great deals to be had at the expected big box stores, there are plenty of other unexpected shopping categories that are often overlooked. Here are five you should consider scooping up! According to Dealnews.
Nov 22, 2016
We’re Officially Obsessed With This Disappearing Kitchen (You Will Be, Too!)
Project by: Karlien Heremans of Studio K Project location: Leuven, Belgium Gilt and glam can be fun to look at, but there’s something very soothing about a home outfitted with simple and sleek materials, like this Belgian residence by Studio K. What once was a smaller semi-detached house near the city center was extended into a bright, sunny home for a sport-, travel- and book-loving couple.
Nov 20, 2016
Design Editor’s Short List: New World Market Items I’ve Got My Eye On
In the early 2000s, Pier One Imports was the epitome of worldly sophistication for me, what with its exotic wood furniture, beaded throw pillows and Buddha statues galore. When I redecorated my post-collegiate bedroom, I hit up the store for unique international treasures. “Why yes, these ruffled dupioni silk throw pillows are from the foreign land of Kissimmee, Florida.” Fast forward a decade, and I’ve discovered a new local mecca for global goods: World Market.
Nov 16, 2016
Battle of the Bedding: Duvets vs. Comforters
Duvet cover plus insert versus comforter? It’s a debate as old as time (or at least, as old as duvets and/or comforters.) Chances are, whichever side you happen to reside on, you’re pretty darn adamant about it being the right side. We’re playing Switzerland here (even though we certainly have our own opinions…that are obviously correct), and looking at the pros and cons of each bedding option. Pros: No-fuss.
Nov 10, 2016
Hygge in a Jar: 5 Candles That Will Give You All the Feels of the Holidays
I’m a self-professed candle connoisseur: At any given hour, I could have three or four going in my living room. I wholeheartedly believe they can set the tone for the season and make any space feel instantly homey. I may live in South Florida, far, far away from changing leaves and apple picking, but gosh darnit, if I have anything to do with it, my apartment is going to smell like a cinnamon-spiced pumpkin apple pie baking in a orchard once autumn rolls in.
Nov 4, 2016
Look We Love: Fall Decor with White Pumpkins
Tapping nature for decor accessories is one of the highlights of fall, and an obviously standout that needs no introduction is the pumpkin. But we want to invite you to shake it up a bit and re-think the orange hue of the rotund squash you’ve been scattering around your home for a paler (and chicer) version. Welcome the new star of autumn, the white pumpkin.
Nov 3, 2016
A Dark & Dated Kitchen Gets a Second Chance
Project by: Julie China of Idea Space Architecture + Design Location: Maplewood, New Jersey The wood paneling, formica countertops and dated finishes of this New Jersey kitchen are nothing uncommon to older homes, but they were no longer working for a family of four. Designer Julie China of Idea Space Architecture + Design came on board to open up the space and give it a welcomed refresh.
Nov 1, 2016
Before & After: A Totally ’80s Dining Room Gets an Eclectic, Glamorous Update
Project by: Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor Homeowner: Coletha Kennedy Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Coletha Kennedy’s dining room in her New Orleans home was in desperate need of reinvention. Dated wallpaper and dingy wall-to-wall carpeting just wouldn’t do for the mother of two, who owns a fashion boutique in town. Designer Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor stepped in to help her bring her maximalist, glamorous dream to life.
Oct 28, 2016
No-Brainer Design: 5 Really Helpful Apps to Make Decorating Easier
Furniture is heavy, not to mention a big investment. Don’t you wish you could virtually move things around to see what a new arrangement would look like, or maybe even try something on before purchasing it and bringing it into your home? Save yourself the hassle and headaches of home decor that doesn’t work (after it’s too late), and try one of these five decorating apps to get it right the first time.
Oct 26, 2016
Top 10 Manual Coffee Makers: Bodum, Bonavita, ROK & 7 More
There’s something to be said about slowing down. Sure, mornings can be hectic and the faster you can get caffeine flowing through your veins the better, but before the days when you could plug in a machine, press a button and get a jolt of liquid energy to get the day going, that cup of java was made by hand, with great care. Go ahead, take a deep breath, move a little slower, and check out our roundup of the 10 best manual coffee makers on the market.
Oct 26, 2016
Accio Hogwarts: How To Fake Your Way Into the Wizarding School
Harry Potter mania seems to come out of hibernation right around fall, doesn’t it? If you’ve been waiting for your Hogwarts letter to no avail, it’s time you take matters into your own hands and bring the Hogwarts to you. Whether you’re after the wizarding look just for, say, regular life, or for a more specific occasion like Halloween, here are some ideas to accio into your home.
Oct 25, 2016
Try Before You Buy: Say Goodbye to Color Uncertainty With These 6 Paint Color Apps
The world of paint can feel endless. So many blues, grays, whites…how do you settle on one for your wall? I’m a firm believer that nothing will ever replace buying samples and testing a paint color out before diving into gallons of a certain shade, but to get a rough idea of a paint color family or hue without having to head to the hardware store, give one of these six apps a try!
Oct 20, 2016
12 Times Target Products Looked Next Level
It wasn’t too long ago that I walked into my local Target on a grocery run, and, as it usually happens, ended up in the home decor section of the store before I even processed that I had left the cereal aisle. What once was just row after row of products was now set up like a mini department store and my heart started racing. Maybe it was the more “luxe” display of the lamps, furnishings and decor, but everything looked pretty next level.
Oct 19, 2016
5 Stores to Shop Now for the Very Best Halloween Decor
Halloween is just three weeks away ::insert excited cheers here::, which means it’s time to string up your zombie-eyed crow garland, scatter those pumpkins and get your spook on. If you need a little guidance on where to turn to buy some really great decor (because who doesn’t need a crow-footed candy bowl?), we rounded up five of our favorite shops for All Hallows’ Eve here.
Oct 11, 2016
Just in Time for Fall: Our Top 10 Best Slow Cookers
If you’re looking for a way to make your hectic life just a little easier, look no further than the mighty slow cooker. There are a ton of options on the market, some bad, some good, some outrageously good, with a myriad of features. Here are 10 of our favorites for every budget. The site of this no-frills slow cooker instantaneously takes me back to my childhood.
Oct 10, 2016
Designer Dozen: Southern Talents Create Inspiring Spaces for an Atlanta Showhouse
A great country song, above all else, should tell a good story. The same can be said about southern style, and the 12 design firms selected to dream up 12 spaces, both indoors and out, for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles‘ 2016 Serenbe Designer Showhouse did just that. Read on to borrow inspiration from the expressive rooms created by some of the South’s brightest design talents.
Oct 6, 2016
The Views From This SF Bachelor Pad Are Breathtaking (And the Interiors Are Fetching, Too)
Project by: Senalee Kapelevich of SVK Interior Design Location: Russian Hill, San Francisco, California When Senalee Kapelevich of SVK Interior Design first sent us this project she recently completed for a bachelor entrepreneur in San Francisco, it had us at “rooftop deck.” With killer views of Bay Area landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, we’re happy to report that the actual home (i.e., the interiors) didn’t disappoint either.
Oct 2, 2016
The Jacket Everyone’s Wearing Right Now: Our 20 Favorite Bombers Under $100
Every season has an “it” fashion item. This past summer, it was off-the-shoulder tops. This fall, though, it’s bomber jackets and KanYeezus may very well be to blame for this throwback trend (or so he claims—there’s a first.) We curated 20 of our favorites to help you look da bomb dot com (see what we did there?).
Sep 29, 2016
Tooth Be Told: Do Natural Toothpastes Keep Your Breath Fresh? Here’s What We Thought of 9 Top-Rated Varieties
It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all need to brush our teeth. What you use to carry out the chore is up to you, but if you’re looking for some natural toothpaste alternatives with minimal chemicals (more on that later), we rounded up 7 willing mouths at Apartment Therapy HQ to test out 9 top-rated natural pastes. Did they stand a chance against the raw garlic test? Read on to find out!
Sep 28, 2016
Create the Look: Eclectic Collector Living Room Shopping Guide
The living room of an eclectic collector is like a treasure trove. Quirky accents mingle with modern seating and a classic Warren Platner coffee table, while throw pillows of all prints and textures play nice on a vintage sofa. The telltale sign of this look is that you can’t quite put your finger on the style of the room, and that’s what makes it so special. 1. Indigo 3 Light Drum Chandelier, $318.64 from Wayfair 2. Infant Ikat Robe VI from Uzbekistan in Lucite Frame, $895 from St.
Sep 26, 2016
Basket Case: 16 of Our Favorite Storage Baskets
Baskets are one of those things that absolutely fall into the category of “you can never have enough.” They’re hard working, provide plenty of storage solutions and can be downright pretty. We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite storage baskets nice enough to incorporate into your decor (while stashing away things you don’t want out in the open). It’s woven. It has handles. It has a pretty accent color. What more could you want?
Sep 26, 2016
Discover Your Home Decor Personality: Inspirations for the Eclectic Collector
Some decor styles are easy to pin point, as they follow certain rules. But for the eclectic collector, there are no pre-set design mandates. This artfully cluttered, anything goes aesthetic is all about throwing caution to the wind and filling your home with things you love that you’ve picked up along your journeys, whether from Monaco, Morocco or Minneapolis.
Sep 26, 2016
Long Held Suspicions Confirmed: Yes, The Home of Anthropologie’s Co-Founder Is Indeed Amazing
If you’re anything like me, every time you walk into an Anthropologie, you think one—or all—of these three things: 1. Whoa, it smells so good in here. 2. Please let there be a sale on the sale items so I can actually afford to buy something other than a Voluspa candle. 3. What must the Anthro owners’ house look like?!? Well, thanks to a peek into the blissfully boho home of co-founder Scott Belair and his wife Bayne, we now know, and it’s so, so, so good.
Sep 22, 2016