11 Unexpected Things You Can Clean With Soda
Traditional cleaning solutions are great, but your pantry is full of everyday items you can put to work when you clean. You already know about keeping blackboard chalk around for treating stains and using cream of tartar to clean your brick fireplace facade. So what’s the deal with using cola to clean? Before you whip out your 12-pack of Diet Coke and go to town on your kitchen, keep in mind that certain sodas work better cleaning specific surfaces.
Apr 11, 2019
One Smart Click and You’re Scamming Your Way to Lower Monthly Bills
In the age of smart home devices, setting your thermostat and dimming the lights have never been easier. But these purchases have more long-term payoff than convenience alone. A one-time buy like a smart thermostat or home security system may feel pricy upfront, but by potentially lowering other monthly payments, they could pay for themselves over time—and have you feeling like a genius.
Mar 13, 2019
4 Ways to Achieve an Anxiety-Friendly Home
Designing a cozy home isn’t just about on-point aesthetics. Have you ever thought about how your home actually makes you feel? Interior designers and therapists alike believe home design influences your well-being and emotions, and can even exacerbate your anxiety and stress levels. Whether you are facing clinical anxiety or situational stress, creating a peaceful living space is a great first step toward preventing—and managing—stressful emotions.
Feb 27, 2019
6 Things You Should Never Do with Essential Oils at Home
Essential oils, which are essentially (see what we did there?) concentrated plant parts used for aromatherapy, are ultra-trendy for a reason. Not only do they smell good; essential oils can be used around the house to clean, soothe, and set the mood. Having a hard time sleeping at night? Studies show lavender might help. Tummy problems? Grab your peppermint oil. Looking for a non-toxic way to de-germ your countertops?
Feb 23, 2019
Your Doorknobs Might Already Be Sterilizing Themselves—Here’s the Secret
It's not magic, it's science.
Feb 20, 2019
8 Ways to Maximize Your After-Work Time
It starts with good intentions. How many of us have, in an effort to shake off the stress of the workday, ended up in a daze on the couch? Whether you spend your evenings bingeing on Netflix or mindlessly scrolling social media, the post-work lull can compromise productivity and, in the end, keep you from truly relaxing. So why not set your post-work self up for success? All it takes is a little intention.
Feb 18, 2019
Let’s Concentrate on 2019’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Trend
Spring cleaning is (almost) upon us! Whether you’re hoping to declutter your cabinets or make a switch to more eco-friendly cleaning products, liquid concentrates could be your new best friend. Versatile cleaners that can be diluted at home in reusable spray bottles, these multi-taskers boast a number of benefits. Instead of buying separate products for each household cleaning need, you can save time, space, energy and money by just using one, powerful concentrate.
Feb 17, 2019
Here’s What Every Love Language Is Like at Home
Everyone shows love differently. The Five Love Languages, developed by counselor and author Gary Chapman, sum up the most common ways we give and receive love. Chapman’s theory is that every person has a primary “language” for loving, which is how they naturally show their affection to the people closest to them. Curious how your roomie or partner’s love language comes out at home?
Feb 14, 2019
10 Authentically Scandinavian Things You Can Buy on Amazon
Whether you’re in it for the functional, minimalist design or you’re looking to add a little hygge to your home, Scandinavian design is calling. But if a trip to IKEA (or Sweden) isn’t in the cards for your next on-trend, Scandi-forward purchase, don’t worry: Amazon’s got you. Here are a few of the best authentically Scandinavian items on Amazon.
Feb 10, 2019
10 Amazon Buys Under $10 to Support Your Active Lifestyle
When it comes to health and wellness, nothing matches the motivation that comes with fresh start of the new year. But new stuff comes pretty close. If January had you motivated to try a new workout class or integrate more exercise into your routine, the secret to keeping up those healthy habits in February might be treating yourself new workout gear.
Feb 1, 2019
One Clutter-y Thing You Should Pack Away with Your Decorations
For those of us with limited kitchen space (or a penchant for minimalism), designer and blogger Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha has a genius tip: When it’s time to put away holiday decorations, pack your specialty cooking supplies with them. The premise: Why take up valuable real estate in your home with cookware and gadgets that only get used twice a year, at best?
Dec 30, 2018
5 Places Where You Can Sell Gift Cards (Online and In Person)
Have you ever received a gift card you know you’ll never use? Your gifter probably had the best intentions, but there’s no worse feeling than this unuseful, plastic currency gathering dust in your wallet (especially when it’s time to pay rent). Whether you need the actual cash more than the gift card or you just don’t shop at the store, don’t fret just yet: You have options. Need cash now? Your best bet might be an instant, in-person option.
Dec 28, 2018
7 Things You Should Declutter Before 2019 Starts
Decluttering in December? Before you minimize your screen, hear us out. We get it: This time of year is super busy, and spring cleaning isn’t for another few months. But what better time to clear the way for better (and safer) things than before the year ends? Set yourself up for success (and less mess) in 2019 by taking some time to declutter now. Want to start 2019 off right? Sign up now for the January Cure. (it’s free!
Dec 22, 2018
12 Things You Should Never Do With Your Christmas Tree
They may be pretty, but choosing and taking care of a Christmas tree takes more effort than you might think. Whether you go all out for a traditional Douglas Fir or opt for an artificial tree, planning ahead will make your holiday season far more festive—and, more importantly, safe. Time to deck the halls in your neck of the woods? Here are a few things not to forget as you purchase, set up, and care for your tree.
Dec 4, 2018
One Simple Mental Trick to Cut Your Spending and Boost Your Savings at the Same Time
This mental trick is simple, but it could pack a big punch in your budget.
Nov 6, 2018
7 Secrets of People with Incredible Discipline
Have a goal (or a few of them) you want to meet? You probably already know that discipline is your friend. Whether you want to learn how to get things done more efficiently at the office or just muster up the motivation to check the first thing off your to-do list, you won’t accomplish much without the daily grind of hard work.
Oct 28, 2018
4 Smart Ways to Take Care of Your Home (and Yourself) This Fall
As much as we all love autumn, the transition from summer into the cooler, darker fall months can be a rocky one for many of us—from abrupt changes in routine and the sudden resurgence of cold and flu viruses to the gloomy feeling of darker, shorter days (FYI there’s light therapy for that). Struggling to take full advantage of those cozy, fall vibes? Start with how you take care of your home environment.
Oct 21, 2018
Is it Better (and Cleaner) to Shower at Night or in the Morning?
While my showering habits have shifted since having kids (read: I shower less), I’ve always been a morning shower-er, purely for practical reasons. My fine hair styles better when I don’t sleep on it, and the ritual of a morning shower jolts me awake and helps me mentally prepare for the day ahead. Plus, I tend to get hot at night, and I feel fresher when I rinse it all off in the A.M. But fans of night showers defend their habits for similarly practical reasons.
Oct 10, 2018