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Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
Switching from working at an office to working from home is a pretty big change. When I made the switch, I particularly missed my coworkers, the 10-6 structure, and the soda machine, but the biggest difference was definitely my wardrobe. Does it matter what you wear when you’re working from home? At first glance it seems like the answer should be a resounding, “no.
Nov 15, 2013
Before & After: IKEA Lack Coffee Table to Upholstered Ottoman
We’ve seen IKEA coffee tables customized dozens of different ways. They can be retextured, studded, and even given heavy marble tops. But this hack takes it in a different direction and turns one coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. Over at IKEA Hackers, Marynell from Amusing MJ showed how she turned an IKEA Lack coffee table into an upholstered ottoman like the ones she liked from West Elm with some 5” foam batting from JoAnn’s and some upholstery fabric.
Nov 7, 2013
Transform the IKEA Stockholm Lamp into a Sputnik-Style Chandelier
I’ve been trying to hack an IKEA chandelier into a serviceable, modern, Sputnik-style chandelier for over a year now. Successful IKEA chandelier hack tutorials abound on the Internet, but mine has been been pretty slow going between the spray paint, origami, and the fact that I ordered completely the wrong size chandelier. But apparently a really good IKEA Sputnik is easier than I ever thought. Over at IKEA Hackers, Caissie St.
Oct 9, 2013
A Fence Made from IKEA Beds
Every time I think I’ve seen the most creative hack of an IKEA product, someone comes around with something new that completely blows my mind. Normally a table turns into another kind of table, or a dresser becomes a bar, but I never thought I’d see the day someone managed to turn a series of IKEA beds into a stylish iron fence. Meike at IKEA Hackers said she had wanted to get a new iron fence, but iron fences can get really expensive.
Oct 4, 2013
Dollhouse DIY: How to Make Modern Miniatures from Ikea Bowls
I have to admit that I still have a weakness for dolls. When I was a kid I had countless Barbies and Japanese fashion dolls with bright hair and jointed limbs, but there was never any really good doll furniture. My dolls’ dream house was hot pink and plastic and, while it was certainly fun, it lacked a certain elegance. Enter Lene Dragon’s modern doll furniture.
Sep 9, 2013
The Antidote to Pinterest Stress: 6 Sites that Don’t Take Pinning Too Seriously
Pinterest can be a lot to take sometimes. Don’t get me wrong — I love Pinterest. It is an excellent source of inspiration, and I honestly don’t remember how I kept track of anything I liked before it came around. But sometimes Pinterest’s steady diet of craft perfection can make a person feel kind of inadequate.
Aug 18, 2013
Here’s What You Need to Know to Get Your Air Conditioner Size Right
Save yourself money by buying the right one.
Jun 26, 2013
Before & After: IKEA Rast to Nailhead Bedside Table
There are so many good IKEA Rast hacks out there that it can be hard to finally choose one. I’ve spent five years with a plain, unpainted set as a pair of bedside tables because I just couldn’t make up my mind about what to do with them. Should I age them? Add campaign hardware? Paint them to look like Transformers (my husband’s suggestion)? I never did make up my mind.
Feb 20, 2013
Before & After: DIY Mongolian Lamb Stool
Fluffy white Mongolian lamb stools pop up like dandelions in tony dressing rooms and decor magazine spreads, but the prices can be a bit overwhelming for the rest of us. But Nadia, the Paris-dwelling blogger behind Preciously Me, came up with a way to get the look on her own with just an IKEA stool and a fluffy pillow.That’s quite the upgrade, no? Nadia started with an IKEA Marius stool (which seems to be available in black, white, and blue on the U.S.
Feb 12, 2013
Before & After: IKEA Lack to Faux Gator Coffee Table
The ubiquitous IKEA LACK coffee table has a lot going for it. It’s just the right size for a small apartment, it has nice, modern lines, and at $19.99 the price is pretty much unbeatable. The only problem is that it can look a bit blah. But Catherine McNelly of domesticitie. figured out how to banish the genericness of the original with the help of a staple gun and some unconventional upholstery fabric.
Feb 4, 2013
Fun or Faux Pas? Napkin Rings for Dinner Parties
Napkin rings can be a subject of much debate: are they a pretty and purely decorative piece of tabletop jewelry designed to complement a place setting on formal occasions? Or are they a utilitarian object that should never be brought out in front of a guest?The anti-napkin ring camp has history behind them.
Dec 5, 2012
Before & After: Aged Steel-Look IKEA Cabinet
Tricia from Simplicity in the South loved the vintage industrial look of Restoration Hardware’s steel cabinets, though their prices were not in the budget. She had an idea that with a little paint and some upholstery tacks, she could transform an old IKEA PS cabinet into something a little less schoolyard and a little more industrial chic.
Oct 17, 2012
How To Get a Bird Out of Your House
Bird in the house! Bird in the house! Oh my God, there’s a bird in the house! OK, first things first: Relax, this happens to everybody. (It does, right? It’s not just me?) I personally ran through about a million scenarios before remembering that I know absolutely nothing about birds. So while the bird continued to fly around in a crazy tizzy as though it were my fault he was trapped in my house, I called a friend who owns like 10 birds.
Aug 29, 2012
Deciding What To Keep When Moving
Once again I find myself staring down Optimus Prime. He’s sitting on his little shelf all cocky and dusty, and I know he thinks he’s coming with us on one more move, but he’s got another thing coming. It’s time to make some hard decisions, and he’s not getting on that moving truck.I seem to have become a person who moves around a lot. Six years in New York was my longest stretch anywhere since high school.
Apr 25, 2012
9 Well Designed Dog Toys: Aesthetically Pleasing Things to Chew On
No matter how much we love our homes, animal lovers realize that some concessions have to be made for our pets. Dogs need things to lay on and things to chew almost as much as they need things to bark at incessantly for no reason.Unfortunately, they’re not often quite as good as children at putting their toys away, so most dog owners are used to having random toys scattered hither and dither around the house.
Feb 29, 2012