Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins is a creative content designer and artist living in Austin, Texas, with her family. Her past times include: overkill holiday decor, flea markets and wiping paint brushes on her blue jeans.
I Threw Out Everything I Thought I Knew About Design and Learned to Trust My Own Taste
When I could not find jewelry I wanted to wear, I started a company called Naughty Secretary Club and made my own. When the art I envisioned hanging on my walls was not available to purchase anywhere, I picked up a paint brush and got busy creating. I may not be crafty enough to build furniture or sew a pillow, but I know just where to go home decor hunting: I have to get dirt under my nails at a flea market, spend time sifting through the thrift store bins and cruise Craigslist religiously.
Oct 30, 2016
Trend Forecast: Is Brass About to be Dethroned as Decor’s King?
Interior design trends often get started in the trenches of flea markets by tastemakers and sometimes take months or even years to catch on and go viral. Justina Blakeney was into plants and scooping up macrame at flea markets long before her brand name, Jungalow, became a household word and everyone was using the #ihavethisthingwithtextiles hashtag. The world is just now starting to embrace this bohemian look, when many of us have already been there, done that and let our ferns die.
Oct 12, 2016