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This Artist’s Home For Sale Comes With All the Sculptures
This two-bedroom, two-bathroom home that belongs to multimedia artist Michael Jude Russo is proof that the concept of becoming one with nature isn’t just an overused cliché. The art-filled abode sits slightly north of Fort Lauderdale in Wilton Manors and is currently on the market for $1.2 million. Included in the sale are the hundreds of artwork and sculptures displayed in the home, the gardens, and the two-story studio.
Dec 28, 2018
Peek Inside This “Simple, Low Cost” Cabin in the Panama Forest
Of all the ways to become one with nature, a pretty straightforward path to convene with Mother Earth is by living in a forest. For some, it may sound like quite an outlandish proposal but this off-the-grid, open-air cabin in the mountains Panama makes the thought much more palatable. To bring the project known as Cabin 192 to fruition, architect Jose Isturaín of JIA enlisted the help of family members, friends, and area builders.
Dec 25, 2018
Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Put Their Hancock Park Home on the Market
Near the end of last year, we took a glimpse inside Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s swoon-worthy Spanish colonial home, but this holiday season, the designers are looking for a new owner to settle into their exquisitely-styled abode. Berkus and Brent recently placed their Hancock Park mansion on the market for $13.8 million with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’s Brent Watson—just two years after they purchased the property for $8.
Dec 19, 2018
This $7 Amazon Buy Is the Secret to Successful IKEA Furniture Assembly
If you've ever struggled to put together their flat-pack furniture, this is one big reason why.
Dec 12, 2018
You Can Now Buy This Chair Frank Lloyd Wright Designed For Himself
If you’ve been clamoring to get your hands on some famous furniture, here’s a piece that belongs at the top of your most urgent shopping list: a chair Frank Lloyd Wright designed for himself is for sale. While Wright is frequently lauded for designing a slew of homes, hotels, offices, and other structures around the world, the famed American architect also designed more than 1,100 pieces of furniture throughout his illustrious career that remain in high demand.
Dec 10, 2018
This Tiny Cabin For Rent Comes With A Volcano View
If the closest you’ve ever wanted to come to a steaming hot orifice on Earth’s surface is inhaling Anthropologie’s signature scent, Capri Blue’s Volcano, that’s totally understandable. However, that might change after viewing these photos of Casa Nido, a gorgeous rental cabin located near an actual volcano that you can rent out. Couple Caroline and Julien dedicated 19 months of their lives to building the cabin in the vicinity of Calbuco Volcano in Ensenada, Chile.
Dec 7, 2018
Why You Should Drill a Hole in Your Trash Can
The last thing anyone wants to deal with after a long day of adulting is a clingy garbage can that staunchly refuses to release its grip on a full-to-bursting trash bag. No matter how many times you tug on the bag, it refuses to come out, even after you’ve removed some of the (smelly) contents. Instead of contemplating precisely what you did wrong in a former life to deserve this karmic kitchen payback, avoid future frustrations by drilling a hole in your trash can.
Dec 3, 2018
How a Thermometer Can Actually Save You Money Around the House
We’ve explained why you should keep a thermometer in your fridge, but temperature monitors can actually save you money in other parts of the house as well. And, honestly, who doesn’t want to save money on bills? Drafty windows and doors are often the biggest culprit when it comes to allowing air to seep in or out—a definite no-no when it comes to household energy efficiency—particularly during the sticky summer and colder winter months. Here’s a trick.
Nov 30, 2018
This $20 Amazon Buy Makes the Holidays Less of a Hassle
With the countdown to the most anticipated holiday officially underway, one needs to be as efficient as possible in order to avoid any decorative mishaps. In years past, it may have been totally acceptable to decorate the old-fashioned way, à la “A Christmas Story’s” Old Man Parker, who infamously disregarded fire safety precautions while lighting the family tree.
Nov 29, 2018
This Stacked Shipping Container House Is Stunning
The architects at River & Rain are responsible for this revamped retreat in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At first glance, the home looks like a refreshing, open-air structure with a unique layout, but that’s not the only unusual design aspect: it’s actually a repurposed house made from four shipping containers. Fittingly named the Escape Den, the breezy abode is comprised of a steel frame and the group of upcycled containers.
Nov 17, 2018
Take a Peek at Yves Béhar’s Chic New Prefab Home Designs
Thanks to scores of innovative, forward-thinking designers, the process of building a home continues to evolve into one that prioritizes convenience, cost and the well-being of our ecosystem. Yves Béhar is one of the latest contributors to the accessory dwelling unit market with a line of prefab homes.
Nov 17, 2018
This Tiny Farmhouse on Wheels Fits a Family of 4
“Fixer Upper” fans, here’s a small space for you: a tiny farmhouse. Seriously, it’s practically impossible to take in the sight of this adorable abode without swooning and sighing just a little. Named Roost 36, the Perch & Nest-designed home sits on a four-acre farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Touted as “a family size farmhouse on wheels,” Roost 36 is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a family of four.
Nov 14, 2018
This Tiny House Sleeps Up to 6 People
In case you were unaware, there’s actually a situation in which turning your house upside down is regarded as positive. It’s known as reverse living, where the traditional home layout is swapped for an opposite setup, as is the case with this tiny house model from New Zealand company Build Tiny.
Nov 12, 2018
Peek Inside This 500 Square-Foot Treehouse Retreat Outside Austin—and You Can Stay There
On your next vacation, you could easily go the standard route by booking a hotel room in the getaway spot of your choice, or you could toss a little bit of childhood nostalgia into mix by spending a few nights in a real-life treehouse. Sleeping one of the whimsical elevated dwellings is one of the more unique ways to get in some rest and relaxation while simultaneously testing out the theory that living in a treehouse is as dreamy as it sounds.
Nov 9, 2018
This 215 Square-Foot Mossy Cabin In the Woods Is a Cozy Pacific Northwest Getaway
With the abundance of tiny homes cropping up every day, constructing a stand-out residence requires more and more creativity, and designers appear to have an endless supply of it. The latest adorably small house we’re crushing on is this moss-adorned cabin designed by Jacob Witzling, the same builder who had us wanting to permanently camp out in his whimsical tiny house on a truck bed.
Nov 2, 2018
This Wild West Movie Town Is for Sale
Anyone looking to settle down in a place with a movie-inspired backs tory should look no further than this wild west-themed town just outside of Palm Springs, California. The owners of the Stargazing Desert Retreat in Pioneertown are asking $1,495,000 million for the Big Horn Ranch, which is located just 20 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park.
Oct 26, 2018
This Sustainable Tiny House Can Pick Up and Go With Ease
Why use precious time and energy to pack up a place and pay movers when you can simply invest in a relocatable house? The inventive minds over at Invisible Studio have provided a low-cost, sustainable option for those who would rather saw off a limb than suffer through another minute of meticulously packing and moving all of our belongings. The layout is an open floor plan that includes a kitchen with a sink, ample counter, and storage space.
Oct 22, 2018
Turns Out, Your Cat Thinks You’re a Large, Clumsy Cat
Ever wonder what your furry friend really thinks of you? Well, you’re in luck: new study says that cats basically treat us like other cats. Before you curtly dismiss this information, this feline factoid comes straight from the mouth of cat behavior expert, John Bradshaw of the University of Bristol.
Oct 18, 2018
Starbucks Just Opened A Store In Taiwan Made Of Shipping Containers
Your favorite coffee shop chain just made another addition its stores—this time, one that is eco-friendly. Starbucks constructed a 3,400 square foot store fashioned out of recycled shipping containers, and it officially opened late last month in Taiwan. Situated inside the soon-to-be-opened Hualien City Mall, the two-story shop is made from 29 of the repurposed structures, the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.
Oct 15, 2018
This 150-Square-Foot Pod Is a Tiny Office on Wheels
The manner in which offices are designed is evolving. Style, space, and ingenuity are becoming more of a priority, and this geometric mobile office serves as evidence. The Lighthouse Office is a 150 square foot pod on wheels, and it serves as an accurate representation of beautiful and inspiring workspaces. Architects Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of L.A. based Knowhow Shop are the creators of the striking asymmetrical structure, which they assembled in their backyard.
Oct 15, 2018
This Tiny House on a Truck Looks Like It’s Straight Out of Harry Potter
At first glance, Jacob Witzling’s tiny truck cabin makes you think of what the Weasley’s wonky home (aka the ever-chaotic Burrow) would look like if the wizards shrunk their family residence, then hauled it around on the back of an old pickup. (Honestly, Witzling’s tiny design still looks that way after staring at it for a bit longer.
Oct 8, 2018
This 161 Square Foot Tiny House Is a Twist on a Traditional Chinese Hutong
Given the world’s ongoing issue with housing crises, becoming skilled at making a small space more livable has become more of a necessity for many. Mini Living’s Urban Cabin is one of several tiny houses specifically designed to take some of the strain off of cities that are struggling to provide ample housing for their citizens.
Oct 6, 2018
Here’s One Way to Tackle The Dreaded Bedroom Clothes Chair
If you’re running short on closet space or lack the motivation required to hang up your clothing (no judgment here), designer Zhihao Guo created a transparent vinyl chair case with your space and energy-challenged existences in mind. Serving as the latest piece of evidence that inflatable furniture is trying its darnedest to get back on our collective aesthetic radar again, Guo’s whimsical yet multi-functional seating option clearly pushes the limits of chair design.
Sep 29, 2018
Inside Tyra Banks’ Pacific Palisades Mansion, Just Sold For $4 Million
Talk about the ultimate fall cleaning. Former fashion model and entrepreneur Tyra Banks recently offloaded another one of her Pacific Palisades homes that she bought four years earlier. The America’s Next Top Model host sold the four-bedroom, five-bathroom for $4 million, which is only slightly less than the $4.25 million she asked for when listing the posh pad back in May.
Sep 29, 2018
Inside Britney Spears’ Former Beverly Hills Villa For Sale
Wanna live in a big mansion? A six-bedroom, seven-bathroom Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to Britney Spears is up for sale. With a reduced asking price of $8.95 million, the 7,796 square-foot Mediterranean villa-style mansion sits at the end of a cul de sac in an upscale gated community, where future owners will have direct access to canyon views as well as public and private hiking trails.
Sep 28, 2018
This Camper-Boat Allows You To Vacation On Land And Water
Germany-based company Caravanboat has the solution to the common vacation conundrum that plagues many trip planners: Whether to hit the high seas or remain on land. The Departure One, a 30-foot camper, is capable of being used on the water or on solid ground. Fashioned out of seawater-resistant aluminum, the multi-purpose dwelling is a crafty combination of a camper and a motorized houseboat. The air-conditioned space has a living room, a small shower, sink, and toilet.
Sep 24, 2018
This Lighthouse-Inspired Home in New England Is for Sale
Don’t be surprised if this next listing prompts an all-out bidding war among those itching to get the keys to a serene waterside home. Located in Kittery Point, Maine, this gorgeous house is on the market for $1.1 million. The Northeastern state has a well-deserved reputation as a haven for getaway seekers and lighthouse lovers alike, precisely because of properties like this five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath house that offers views of the neighboring Chauncey Creek.
Sep 21, 2018
You Can Get A Free Tiny Home That Will Make You Money
Entering the real estate business with the purpose of earning passive income certainly isn’t a novel idea. However, the inventive folks over at Wisconsin’s ESCAPE have placed a creative twist on the popular investment tactic in the form of the company’s “Free ESCAPE Tiny House Program,” which allows participants to profit off tiny dwellings. The way the program works is ESCAPE lends out free tiny homes to people who agree to share a portion of the rental proceeds.
Sep 21, 2018
Here’s How IKEA Plans To Bring the Store (and Other Services) Directly To You
With the year quickly approaching its end, Entrepreneur has already predicted 2019 as revolutionary as it relates to online shopping. There’s no debate about our appreciation for buying any and everything via the internet, so it’s only natural for the services to progress in order to keep up with the growing demands.
Sep 20, 2018
This 200-Square-Foot Tiny House Is Inspired by the Theater
Personalized, heartfelt touches are what transform a house into a home. Case in point: this undeniably charming theater-inspired tiny house. Designed by Tiny Heirloom, a San Diego family had a $120,000 budget for the 200 square foot towable home. From there, the Oregon-based company devised a clever plan that emphasized several design features that reflect the daughter’s theater fandom. The cedar-clad space features a seam metal roof and one of its nine windows is arched.
Sep 16, 2018
This Glass House in Tennessee Is For Mid-Century Fans and Nature Lovers
Is living in a glass house as chic as it sounds? One way to find out is to buy one, and luckily for interested parties there’s a heck of an option on the market. Designed by University of Tennessee architecture professor William Starke Shell, this Knoxville Mies Van der Rohe-esque home is priced at $575,000. Per the listing, the one-bedroom, one-bath dwelling sits on a 2.3-acre lot, perched atop an 80-foot cliff.
Sep 16, 2018
Airstream’s Latest Model Is This Sleek Camper Van
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live the nomadic life in an Airstream, there’s a sleek, new version of the uber popular campers that will tempt you to trade in your house keys and partake in the adventures of #vanlife. The Class B Interstate Nineteen measures 19 feet, which means a no-hassle parking experience. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 functions as the vehicle’s supporting frame.
Sep 15, 2018
This Company Wants to Pay Someone to Watch TV (Seriously!)
With all the expert opinions and scientific evidence outlining the hazards of routinely camping out in front of the television, we have a little extra incentive to press pause on our favorite shows and give our peepers a break from time to time. With that said, now might not be the best time to encourage folks to give up their binge-watching habits, not when there’s a company willing to pay you to stay home and watch TV.
Sep 6, 2018
This 350 Square Foot NYC Apartment for Sale Can Host Dinner for 10
When it comes to maximizing small spaces, both designers and apartment dwellers alike have become increasingly creative out of necessity. Graham Hill—founder of Treehugger and LifeEdited—has applied this specific expertise to a 355-square-feet New York City apartment, which is now up for sale for $750,000.
Sep 3, 2018
This Tiny House Has a Ton of Super Smart Storage
Here’s even more proof that small spaces can still pack a ton of style. What Modern Tiny Living’s latest design lacks in size, it more than makes up for in sleek, space-maximizing design elements. The tiny home on wheels known as the Clover is 24 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. Poplar wood lines the walls and ceiling of the bright, open interior.
Aug 27, 2018
This Cabin for Sale Used to Be a Rollercoaster
Since everyone loves a home with a good backstory, here’s one that will take you for a heck of a ride. This charming cabin in Stevensville, Michigan might be planted on solid ground, but its ties to the amusement park industry prove that what goes up can actually come down and fall nicely into place. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home was built in 1974 by a local glass artist who repurposed wood from the Silver Beach Amusement Park roller coaster, which ceased operating three years prior.
Aug 24, 2018
This Stylish Tiny House Sleeps Six People Comfortably
Tiny house enthusiasts should be more than willing to take a gander at Tiny Heirloom’s latest compact custom home. The stylish dwelling known as the Goose is the latest in the brand’s non-custom Signature Series. Constructed on a gooseneck trailer, the Goose comes equipped with off-the-grid technology and is available in three different versions that range from 31 feet to 37 feet long and measure 8 feet wide and 13.6 feet in height.
Aug 23, 2018
Stay At This Tiny Hobbit House in Colorado (Second Breakfast Not Included)
For quite some time now, The Shire has maintained its rightful spot on our list of imaginary places we’d totally visit if they were real, so it’s no surprise that we’re beyond enthused at the possibility of spending a night (or several) in this delightfully whimsical village full of tiny houses.
Aug 22, 2018
This Snake-Shaped Airbnb Welcomes Guests with Open Jaws (and Fangs)
We’ve come across our fair share of delightfully freakish Airbnb digs, but this latest temporary rental listing is equally over-the-top in a good way, unless you have a snake phobia. For those with a tolerance for scaly, slithering creatures, allow us to suggest a stay at Javier Senosiain’s snake-shaped house during your next trip to Mexico.
Aug 21, 2018
Obsessed With Cabins? You’re Not Alone
A 2016 Lonely Planet article labeled cabins in the wilderness as the latest travel trend, but a new exhibit in the Vancouver Art Gallery proves that the undying enthusiasm people have for the rustic, remote dwellings goes far beyond being a fad. There’s no question that our collective obsession with cabins–whether modern, tiny, or remodeled–has stood the test of time, but “Cabin Fever” seeks to answer the why and the how.
Aug 20, 2018
This Furniture Line Is the Most Versatile One We’ve Seen
If you’re hoping to save some coins, maximize space, or simply want more function from your furniture, this inventive startup named VARIA Collective, which makes modular pieces, is a great place to start. VARIA Collective founders Jamie Saunders and Laura Wake-Ramos recently launched their Kickstarter campaign, which highlights the collection of six furniture pieces that can be transformed to serve multiple purposes in the home–more than 25, in fact.
Aug 10, 2018
This Digital Museum in Tokyo Is Instagram Heaven
For the ultimate sensory experience, look no further than the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. Touted as the world’s first digital art museum, the massive, seamless demonstration referred to as teamLab Borderless covers 107,000 square feet and features 50 examples of moving artwork that is designed to respond to and stimulate each of the senses—and inspire so many Instagrams.
Aug 7, 2018
Plan a Seaside Escape at this Scottish Submarine-Inspired Tiny House
If you’re seeking serenity that only a waterside escape can provide, consider holing up in this charming submarine-inspired tiny home on the Scottish coast. Roderick James Architects applied their experience with building cabins, houseboats and treehouses when designing the stylish seaside pod known as Airship 002. Fashioned from weatherproof heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel components, the Airship 002 sits on a 4-acre plot of land in Drimnin. The 3.
Aug 6, 2018
These Sleek Shipping Container Homes Are Literally on the Water
In response to housing shortages and rising prices, shipping container homes continue to increase in popularity. In Copenhagen, an ongoing architectural undertaking known as Urban Rigger aims to create affordable housing options for students. An original set of the shipping container dorms located on the harbor are already full of satisfied student occupants, says Urban Rigger CEO Rasmus Rømeling.
Aug 3, 2018
‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Will Love Tom Petty’s Former Mansion
Less than a year after his passing, a mansion that formerly belonged to renowned rock star Tom Petty is on the market. After acquiring the 11,483-square-foot estate for $2.6 million in 2015, the current owners are asking $4.995 million. Perhaps the current owners are fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines, because the place has a distinct farmhouse vibe.
Aug 2, 2018
This Immersive Fun House Is Full Of More Than Just Sideshow Tricks
For a comprehensive reminder of just how wonderfully left field Snarkitecture has gone with its designs since its inception a decade ago, you’ll definitely want to check out the New York-based studio’s Fun House exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.
Jul 24, 2018
This Robotic Table Is Not Just Cool, It Helps People With Disabilities
We still have a long way to go with prioritizing accessibility for people with disabilities. On the bright side, there are extraordinarily inventive minds like industrial designer Nour Malaeb, who is working to amend this widespread issue with projects like Relay, a fully customizable, voice-activated, table-ottoman combo. Malaeb came up with the idea after observing his best friend with muscular dystrophy struggle to maneuver with tasks around the house during the their days as roommates.
Jul 21, 2018
Don’t Believe a Spa Can Fit in a Tiny Apartment? Think Again
More and more, it’s becoming increasingly normal to hear stories of people learning to acclimate themselves to living in seriously small apartments. Cities are practically bursting at the seams so for many metropolitan dwellers, creatively maximizing a small living space has quickly become a modern-day survival tactic.
Jul 21, 2018