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Anna’s Small “Eclectic Glam” Apartment
Name: Anna Location: Oak Park, Illinois For a few long months after I moved into my apartment last winter, I dreaded coming home each night. I’d just lost a spacious dream apartment in a devastating breakup. I’d lost the sunny windows and the working fireplace. And I’d lost the man I’d planned to come home to for the rest of my life. “I live here now,” I repeated aloud as I paced the short hallway between my new living room and bedroom.
Nov 23, 2015
Margaux’s Treasure-Filled Los Angeles Home
Name: Margaux Location: Echo Park — Los Angeles, California We have a beautiful sun filled apartment in Echo Park, LA. The house itself is an Arts and Crafts/Craftsman bungalow type, originally built as a triplex in a historic neighborhood full of beautiful old Victorians and Arts and Crafts homes.
Nov 22, 2015
Heather’s ‘Masculine and Funky” London Flat
Name: Heather Location: Clerkenwell — London, England I moved to London with a few suitcases of clothes and not one home item. I thought it would be fun to start over, as designing my own places have been fun projects and my style evolves quickly. I was looking for charm and character and lots of light. I was flexible on the location, as long as it was fairly central London.
Nov 19, 2015
Before & After: A Mad Men Inspired Purchase
Did any of you make it through all seven seasons of Mad Men without thinking, “I should really get a bar cart?” I certainly didn’t. Erin turned her dreams into reality and DIY-d her way to a Joan Holloway worthy bar! From Erin: Mad Men I found this old bar cart on Offerup for $20 and with a little paint, it turned out amazing!!! Thank you, Erin!
Nov 18, 2015
Before & After: A “Dump” of a Guest House Gets A DIY Rehab
My wife and I bought our house last year and there was a back house that was part of the property. At the time of the sale there was someone living in the back house so we weren’t able to see it (other than peering through the windows). In short, we had no idea what state the house was in but, from what we could could gather, it was a dump. Once we closed on the house, we finally got to tour the back house and we were in shock.
Nov 17, 2015
Emily’s Cozy Sanctuary
Name: Emily Location: Brooklyn, New York The charming loft that my boyfriend and I have called home for the last three years may soon be a distant memory. As cookie cutter condos are popping up everywhere in our neighborhood of South Slope Brooklyn, we are on the precipice of our loft housed on the top floor of a century- old building being converted as well.
Nov 17, 2015
Aletha’s Home “Off the Beaten Path”
Name: Aletha Location: Grand Haven, Michigan We spent almost a year restoring unique details to our modest-in-size Mid Century Modern home in Grand Haven, Michigan. We had been house searching for a year, and were outbid on three other Mid Century properties before touring this home tucked away on a quiet street off the beaten path. When we pulled into the driveway, I knew it was the one we’d been looking for!
Nov 16, 2015
Before & After: A “Demoralizing” Bathroom Gets an Upgrade
My husband and I bought our house 7 years ago, in the city of Laval, a suburb north of Montreal. The layout of the bathroom was typical of the houses in the neighborhood. Since the first day I set foot in it, I did not like anything about that room. The shower was so narrow that we had difficulty washing our feet. The bathroom was as demoralizing as a rainy day. I demolished everything, including the ugly shell-shaped soap dish and the strange podium around the bath.
Nov 16, 2015
Before & After: A Tile Swap Breathes New Life Into A Fireplace
I recently remodeled my kitchen and had leftover subway tiles. I decided to use the remaining tiles to redo my fireplace which I had been wanting to refinish completely since I moved in four years ago. I also wanted to remove the tiles on the floor, but we didn’t think the hardwood carried through since other units who had redone their fireplace told us that theirs did not.
Nov 15, 2015
Jennifer’s “Rustic Yet Refined” Home
Name: Jennifer Location: Newbury Park, California Our home is a 1959 post and beam ranch home (1,143 square feet) on nearly one acre of horse property. We gutted 3/4 of the home, leaving original character such as open beam ceilings. The three bedroom home is now a two bedroom with a large open concept living space that works for us It’s very bright, rustic yet refined and eclectic all at the same time!
Nov 14, 2015
Lauren & Breeze’s Best Friend Duplex
Name: Lauren & Breeze Location: The St. Roch Neighborhood — New Orleans, Louisiana It’s not very often that you hear about two friends buying a home together. In fact, most people would warn against the idea. But that’s exactly what my best friend, Breeze, and I did last May. We both were in love with the city of New Orleans. NOLA was pure magic for us. We had talked about buying a home, fixing it up and decorating it together. It was our dream.
Nov 13, 2015
Before & After: A Roadside Find Goes Mid Century
This is one of my favorite furniture flip stories. I found this chrome mid-century modern chair left for dead on the roadside. It was covered with rust, mildew and grime. For a long time, it sat in my garage and just lingered. It took me a long while for inspiration to strike. I live in the country, and happen to have kind of a thing for cowhide. I had wanted a sleek, modern looking cowhide and chrome chairs for years. You know those kind of chairs?
Nov 13, 2015
Sarah’s Small Space That’s Perfect for Entertaining
Name: Sarah Location: Williamsburg — Brooklyn, New York Hello! I’m a chef and founder of Salt House, and I created the ultimate entertaining space and sanctuary in my small (around 600 square feet) Williamsburg apartment. I work and live in this space, so there’s a big dining room table that me and my team work on during the day and then use for dinner parties in the evenings! We can seat up to 20 people, believe it or not!
Nov 12, 2015
Elizabeth’s Clean and Cozy Swiss Apartment
Name: Elizabeth Location: Luzern, Switzerland Our home is a 4 bedroom, Swiss loft apartment spread across two floors. It’s a fantastic open space with tons of exposed timber and bright light. Although it’s been very tempting to embrace an entire Alpine lodge feel, our years spent in Indonesia lend a very global touch to the decor.
Nov 11, 2015
Before & After: A ’50s Bathroom Gets a Sleek Update
My husband, Jake, and I recently purchased our first home. It’s a 1950s ranch and we have lots of fun projects we need to tackle to bring it up to this decade. The first thing we took on was our smaller bathroom. We were able to salvage the tile in the tub and the toilet but almost everything else had to go. We (mostly Jake) did all the work ourselves including demo, putting in new drywall, electrical work and plumbing. Our final budget was around $1200 for all materials.
Nov 11, 2015
Before & After: A Kitchen Gets A Whole New Look
We’re big fans of small updates and little tweaks round these parts. But we get equally excited when we see a space that has made some major changes. Taylor’s kitchen went from beige and blah to absolutely stunning, and the best part is you can tell she absolutely loves it! From Taylor: When we bought our house, the kitchen was pretty sad. There was hardly any counter space or storage. Over the years, we slowly replaced appliances until we were ready for a full renovation.
Nov 10, 2015
Before & After: A Multi-Purpose Dining Room Gets Organized
I live in a one-bedroom apartment. Being an Interior Designer and pillow shop owner, I have a lot of different things to do on a daily basis. I sew everyday, sketch room designs, pull together fabrics for client projects and new pillow designs, and do various computer tasks for my business and blog. So, I was forced to use my dining room to store all my business stuff. There was clutter everywhere and no room for a large enough table to both sew and eat on.
Nov 9, 2015
Before & After: A Kitchen Ditches Its “Hippy Vibe”
We bought our house a few years ago. Nate had wanted a tree house and I’d hoped for Mid Century modern. I definitely wanted a home we could slowly remodel to fit our needs. We purchased our place from a wonderful man who adored his home. He’d spent many years updating it and left it with us in wonderful condition. The owner before him built it in the 70s and there are lots of little details that we adore. I’m just now learning more about them…from our painter! Small town.
Nov 6, 2015
Rachel’s Ever Evolving Brooklyn Apartment
Name: Rachel Location: Clinton Hill — Brooklyn, New York My husband and I moved into this cozy 600 square foot-ish apartment (1 bed/1 bath) nearly 3 years ago. After living with multiple roommates in Bushwick in my early 20s, the apartment initially felt luxuriously spacious…at least in my memory! Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, my appreciation and impression of our apartment is continually evolving.
Nov 3, 2015
Before & After: From Drab Desk to Painted Vanity
I was “gifted” this really simple, but classic desk from my boyfriend to use as a makeup table/vanity. While I loved the character, the desk was pretty beat up. There were imprints and scratches on the top and the knobs mismatched. I decided to take on my first larger project in my new apartment and paint the desk an awesome shade of teal gray.
Nov 3, 2015
Kati’s “Constantly Evolving Space” in Houston
Name: Kati Location: Rice Village — Houston, Texas One year ago, I packed my cat Boots and everything I owned into a minivan and moved from New York City to Houston, Texas to be with my boyfriend. We rented a great apartment in Rice Village – near a host of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. This was our first time living together, and we were excited to curate an apartment that reflected both of our personalities. We wanted a combination of clean lines and comfort.
Nov 2, 2015
Hana’s Harmonious Live/Work Apartment
Name: Hana Location: Crown Heights — Brooklyn, New York As an interior designer, there’s always a bit of anxiety as to how to decorate my home. My husband and I recently moved to Crown Heights from a Park Slope duplex. The main reason we were looking to move is because I was starting my business and planning to work from home, like my husband. We needed a home with enough rooms to house both of our work spaces.
Nov 1, 2015
Emily and Zack’s Warehouse “Without Excess”
Name: Emily and Zack Location: Fishtown —Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Back in June, my husband Zack and I made an unexpected decision: we left our two-bedroom apartment in the posh Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of downtown Philadelphia to call a one-bedroom Fishtown flat home. We weren’t planning on moving when our previous landlord approached us about renewing our lease for a third year. But as it goes, one conversation led to another, and we began itching for a new experience.
Oct 29, 2015
7 Tips to Turn You Into a Grocery Store Influencer
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy) From The Kitchn → 7 Tips for Influencing What Goes on Grocery Store Shelves
Oct 27, 2015
Savannah’s Beautifully Blended Style
Name: Savannah, Mike, Finn the cat and Nori the 3-legged Pit bull Location: Verdun, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Our apartment is on the ground floor of a triplex in the ever-evolving neighbourhood of Verdun. We probably visited about 30 apartments in the area before falling in love with this one. We were looking for a place that was pretty spacious because we both work from home and would be spending the majority of our time in the space.
Oct 25, 2015
Alexandra’s Lakefront NOLA Apartment
Name: Alexandra and Aaron, Hank the dog and Ben the cat Location: Slidell, Louisiana When I got a job as a meteorologist at a New Orleans television station, I was thrilled to move home to the vibrant and unique city where I grew up. Shortly after, my soon-to-be husband joined me from his hometown in Texas. He’s more of a small-town person and preferred to live a little removed from the city.
Oct 24, 2015
Erika & Charl’s Open and Welcoming Warehouse
Name: Erika and Charl Location: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia The space is very similar to both our offices, which personally makes me feel so comfortable in my day-to-day. We moved in with Charl’s dining table – a refurbished monastery window which my dad broke immediately trying to get it inside – we since restored it with a huge glass shower window, which I personally think has made it look even better; and his black leather couches, my cow hide, plus our various bits.
Oct 19, 2015
Alex’s “Boutique Hotel” Inspired Studio
Name: Alex Location: Hell’s Kitchen – New York, New York My studio is a big, modern space in Hell’s Kitchen. My friend recommended that I decorate my place like a boutique hotel room. That became the blueprint the my whole style. I created a bedroom area with a Gus Modern wingback bed and a great print of an Airstream. A half rectangle, grey bookshelf separates the living room area without blocking the sight lines to the window.
Oct 11, 2015
Lianna’s City Condo in Milwaukee
Name: Lianna Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin This condo building is in the Brewer’s Hill Neighborhood of Downtown Milwaukee. I fell in love with the condo from the moment I saw it. Packed with rich history, it used to be a shoe factory and was abandoned for years before it was re-purposed into condos. I love the cream city brick detail that is characteristic of this area and hard to find.
Oct 9, 2015
Virginia’s Florida Home With a View
Name: Virginia Location: Maitland, Florida My husband, Garrett, and I live in an 816 sq ft condo that we rent in Maitland, Florida. What we loved most when Garrett first came to view the condo and continue to – is the incredible lake view we have from our living room window. We are on a gorgeous Central Florida lake and the sunrises can’t be beat. (Check out our #goodmorninglakemaitland !) The condo complex was built in the 1950s but our unit has been updated.
Sep 30, 2015
Emily & Ian’s Home with a “Splash of Whimsy”
Name: Emily & Ian Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan Our house is old—about 120 years old! It is in Heritage Hill, which is one of the largest and oldest urban historical parks in the country. Living in an old house has some quirks—our stairs are super creaky and the windows are heavy and made gasping sounds in the winter, but overall we love all the little unique parts of the house and the neighborhood.
Sep 27, 2015
Fernanda’s Design Dream
Name: Fernanda Location: Brasília, Brazil I have always been a design lover and always felt this was my talent, but I ended up graduating in journalism. One day in 2011, I was writing an article about affordable design with a work friend when we encountered the site (we did an interview with you guys). I became really obsessed with the house tours and did my own blog on house tours in my city (Brasília, Brazil) inspired by the Apartment Therapy idea.
Sep 26, 2015
Hannah’s Cozy Family Farm Home
Name: Hannah Location: Tupelo, Mississippi I am incredibly lucky to live in my great-grandparents home on the land that used to be our family farm. My house is a converted 4-square home that my grandmother, Rooney, was born in. We don’t know the exactly age of the home, but it was definitely built before 1936 (Rooney’s birth year.) My green little house is completely surround by a white picket fence and directly behind it is our family lake.
Sep 25, 2015
Ken’s Eclectic Red Hook Retreat
Location: Brooklyn, New York I live in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I have been in this apartment for 4 years. It is a small 2 bedroom apartment with a really good sized back yard. I live here with my 10 year old Golden Retriever, Duke. The negative of being on the ground floor in a flood zone is that I was flooded during Sandy. I have since re-built and am happy to be back! My style is modern & eclectic. I am an avid thrift store, flea market and craigslist shopper. I love mixing styles and patterns.
Sep 25, 2015
Lauren and Shawn’s “Beautiful and Bright Retreat”
Name: Lauren and Shawn Location: Toronto, Ontario Lovers, builders, crafters and believers that a Shared Life is truly a beautiful thing, our latest home renovation was a basement conversions from a dark uninviting space to a beautiful and bright retreat that we are renting as a B&B. Each detail was daydreamed about, hunted for and brought together to create a space for our guests to truly unwind and indulge in.
Sep 24, 2015
Ford & Hillary’s Houston Rehab
Name: Ford and Hillary Location: Houston, Texas In 2011, when we were ready to buy a home, we chose a very affordable (ahem sketchy at the time) neighborhood knowing that things in the area were changing and it was only 2 miles from downtown Houston. We purchased a 1910-ish home that had been a rental for the last 20 years and paid $85,000 for it.
Sep 23, 2015
Ellen & Matt’s Fun, Creative Home for a Growing Family
Location: Los Angeles, California Katie is a photographer and submitted some gorgeous photos of her friends Matt and Ellen’s home! From Katie: “Ellen has a brilliant design mind and works at Sugar Paper LA. Matt is a writer/director/actor. They just received their two foster kids – the most precious twin boys. I asked Ellen to answer a few questions about her home and this is what she said. . .” My husband Matt and I have lived in our home for a little over two years.
Sep 21, 2015
Kristine Renee’s “Pink Palace” Oasis
Name: Kristine Renee Location: Sacramento, California After spending a couple of years working in Southeast Asia, relocating to Sacramento, CA was a big transition. Home has always been my most treasured oasis and I knew that in order to be content with my new geography, I must create a space that reflected me; my travels, stories, studies and adventures.
Sep 21, 2015
Karla’s Dream Home
Name: Karla Location: Menasha, Wisconsin My husband and I live in a 1400 sq. ft home of our dreams. Often, the running joke from friends is, “have you left your house this weekend?”. The reality is we love our home and it is hard to leave. We were fortunate enough to find an architect who listened to “we-are-on-a-very-tight-budget-can-you-really-make-this-happen?” and he did (thanks Matt!).
Sep 17, 2015
Maria and Tristan’s Colorful, Art Filled Home
Name: Maria and Tristan Location: Chicago, Illinois My husband Tristan and I have shared this classic Chicago graystone apartment together for a little over 3 years. It is roughly 1,200 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, featuring a giant kitchen, and separate dining room. We moved here from a very small garden apartment with low ceilings and little light, so we instantly fell in love with the 12’ ceilings, giant windows, and nearly double the floor space.
Sep 16, 2015
Eric’s Converted Bath House
Name: Eric Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania My place is a converted Bath House – Built at the end of the 19th century, It was part of the Philadelphia Baths Association until it’s closing in 1947. It was then a Glass manufacturing building until it was used for “local transient activities.” We are its first-ever tenants.
Sep 15, 2015
Cat’s Light Filled Downtown Loft
Name: Cat Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California My fiancé Alex and I live in the heart of DTLA’s historic core, a step away from all our favorite bars and restaurants. We love the excitement and bustling energy of this reviving community, but it’s nice being able to escape into our calm, monochromatic oasis. Our loft is less than 800 square feet in size but the high ceilings and large private outdoor terrace make the space feel airy and spacious.
Sep 14, 2015
Joyce’s “Bohemian Wonderland”
Name: Joyce Location: Los Angeles, CA My little house is my ultimate happy place! I work in the interior design field so the aesthetic of my home and the state of my surroundings are very important to me. Before finding this little gem I was living in an apartment building and yearned for an entertainment space- somewhere that looked out into lush greenery. I couldn’t have gotten more lucky! It’s a bohemian wonderland with a porch that wraps around to reveal a romantic hammock.
Aug 30, 2015