Autoban’s Chic Café Style

Turkish design team Autoban won’t quit. They continue to come out with new designs for hotels, homes, and restaurants that look unlike anything else. The majority of their projects are located in Istanbul, where they say they’ve “designed most of the trendy cafés and casual-chic clothing stores.”

What’s most noticeable about their cafés are the rich surfaces. Tile, wood parquet, and wallpaper are all elaborately decorated and lend a sense of luxury to the spaces. No wall is left unpatterned, no ceiling or floor untreated. In contrast, the furnishings are simple and spare.

There’s a beautiful sense of balance between traditional motifs and modern, clean-lined forms. Add to this a classic color palette of neutrals, blues, and whites, and you get a sophisticated mix of classic and contemporary styles.

1-2 House Cafe Kanyon, Istanbul
3-4 Marmari Sisli, Istanbul
5-6 Angelique, Istanbul
7-8 Karaköy Lokantasi, Istanbul
9-10 Duecento Otto, Hong Kong