Automate Mundane Photo Tasks with These PC & Mac Apps

Automate Mundane Photo Tasks with These PC & Mac Apps

Jesse Leikin
Jul 1, 2011

When we sit down at our computer, often times we find ourselves doing the same task over and over again. Instead of going crazy by making the same simple change to hundreds of files, why not automate the task? Today, we round up some of our favorite programs to help streamline the task of processing images. We also included our favorite program for making your own scripts, just in case you get addicted and want to start customizing your automation solutions...

Batch Rename: Presumably you will be taking tons of pictures this holiday weekend. And when it comes time to put them on your computer, wouldn't it be nice if you could easily rename all of the photos based on the event for easy search later? Well with ReNamer for Windows and Name Manglr for Mac, you can easily automate this otherwise daunting task. Simply tell the respective programs what you want to add and what you want to remove, and the computer will do the rest.

Image Resize: Once you have all those stunning new photos from the long weekend, you are going to want to upload them to your social sites as well as email them to friends. However, using full size photos will quickly clog up friends inboxes, and cause you frustration in uploading them to your social networks. Instead, use Picture Resizer for PC or Easy Batch Photo for Mac to quickly and painlessly convert all your photos to appropriate sizes.

Launch, Search, and Automate: After using simple automation programs like the one listed above, you will likely want to automate all of your boring tasks. While possible, it does require a little bit of programing knowledge. If you have the time to learn, AudoIt for Windows or Applescript for Mac are your two best options. Since most common tasks have already been automated by others, a quick Google search will yield step by step processes to automate most things. A little extra time investment up front will save even more time and frustration in the long run.

(Image via Digital Inspiration via BWR)

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