Proximity Sensor Couch Guardian Keeps the Couch Fur-Free

Proximity Sensor Couch Guardian Keeps the Couch Fur-Free

Gregory Han
Oct 8, 2012

As a cat or dog owner, most of us are resigned to live with a perpetual layer of animal fur on all of our clothing and upholstery (aka, the pet tax). But MAKE's DIY maestro, Mark Frauenfelder, wasn't going to stand for it any longer, calling on the services of an Arduino with a proximity sensor combined with a cymbal-bashing monkey to scare the whiskers off would-be couch intruders (ha!)...

My cats like to jump on furniture and shed their fur, which ends up on my clothes. To stop them, I'm using a Monkey Couch Guardian. I made it from one of those old-fashioned cymbal-banging toy monkeys, modified with an inexpensive Arduino microcontroller and a proximity sensor. Now when a cat jumps on a table, couch, or bed, the Monkey Couch Guardian makes lots of noise, encouraging the cat to seek a quieter resting place.

Want to make your own? The complete step-by-step tutorial is over at MAKE's Monkey Couch Guardian.

(Images: Creative Commons/Don DeBold; Mark Frauenfelder)

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