Which Robot Will You Invite Into Your Home?

Which Robot Will You Invite Into Your Home?

Jeff Heaton
Oct 11, 2011

Remember Rosie, the Jetson's home robot? She was kinda sassy, but man, did she do a lot for the family! Modern robots haven't quite caught up to that pipe dream, though the Roomba and others aren't doing a half-bad job at cleaning floors. But why should awesomely automated robots be limited to vacuuming? They shouldn't, which is why we're featuring some of the other ways to get robotic minions to do your bidding. Well, some of your chores at least.

1. LawnBott/RoboMow
Cutting the lawn is one of those constant cycles that only ends when winter comes (not too far off hopefully!). You mow and in a week or two it's going to seed again. And really, do you spend more time cutting it or more time enjoying it? LawnBotts or RoboMow take over this seemingly endless task for you.

RoboMows uses a wire you set up around your yard to keep it in bounds. Some LawnBotts can mow without a wire perimeter. Both can be set up to mow at certain times, which is important because neither has a bag so multiple cuttings are necessary per week to prevent thatch building up. But they're electric, you aren't doing the mowing, and they don't have feelings so who cares if your robot is working double time?

2. Robot butler/Surveillance Bot
The MT400 by Adept is a robot kit that can be transformed into a butler or security robot that watches over your home. Depending on how it's modified, the MT400 will bring drinks, watch windows, or guide tours. Once it's learned the floor plan, the robot knows where to go and will avoid open doors and other obstacles.

3. Alarm Clock
Can't wake yourself up in the morning? This the most annoying, and possibly the most effective, robot we've seen. Clocky, the Nando alarm robot, will shoot off of your dresser when the alarm is set and zing around the room beeping until you catch it. It's great at it's job (until you break it out of sheer annoyance).

4. Litter-Robot
If you've got feline roommates, the Litter-Robot might be your new best friend (with some caveats as noted and reviewed a few years ago). After the cat has left the globe, the Litter-Robot starts a seven second count down before it cleans itself by rotating and dumping the kitty leftovers into a waste drawer below. This means less oder and an easier time cleaning up after fluffy.

(Images: LawnBott, RoboMow, Adept, Nanda and Litter Robot.)

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