Automotive Heat...Space Heater in the Garage

Automotive Heat...Space Heater in the Garage

As the weather turns crisp and cold, warming up your vehicle to take on the day can be a painful task. Over the years, we have parked outside and the weather has not been so kind to our older model f-150. Since we moved into our current apartment/garage, we got to thinking... how can we keep our truck warm and melt snow off of our truck while it is parked? Check below the jump for our recommendations as to how we keep our and truck warm in the cold upper midwestern winters.

Quick Tips:

  1. Do not use anything but a UL certified fan forced space heater
  2. If you use an extension cord use a short and heavy duty one so you do not have to much electrical resistance on the circuit.
  3. Use common sense to prevent any problems or dangers
  4. Enjoy you warmer garage!

If you are like most of us fortunate enough to have a garage even the protection they provide is inadequate. We rigged up a fan forced space heater to heat our garage. While this sounds dangerous, we have a protected outlet and have placed our our space heater where it cannot catch fire. Additionally, we made sure to use a short extension cord so as not to pull to much current when we run the space heater. Our garage is small enough so that we only needed a small heater. Make sure if you do what we do to use a space heater that is fan forced because they are much less likely to overheat. Also make sure you also do not have anything flammable near by. Most of all, practice common sense so you too can enjoy a snow free car in your garage.

(Top image: flickr member StephenGroves licensed under Creative Commons)

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