Autumn Scents: Books & Sweaters, Apples & Bonfires

Fall is probably my favorite time of year, though sundress weather (anytime of year) runs a close second. I love the crispness, coziness, and energy, after the lackadaisical, lounge-y feeling of summer. But though that autumn thrill is in the city air, there’s none of the orchard-fresh scent one might hope for.

Here are a few home scents to get the job done:

  • Libraries, burning leaves, & apple-picking: throw in cornfields & my roommate’s amazing vegetarian potpie and that is what college smells like to me. Do you ever reach an age when autumn doesn’t feel like back-to-school time? I certainly hope not. Room sprays by the masterminds at CB I Hate Perfume.

  • If fall for you smells more like hiking and camping, Juniper Ridge sachets bring the woods home. They’re recommended for sweater drawers to keep the moths away from wool, but I think they’d be particularly nice in a drawer full of perfectly worn plaid shirts, if you happen to have that sort of thing on hand.

  • I bought this tiny bottle of Bonny Doon’s Spruce Essential Oil last year when I was desperate for some fall/winter zest. I can’t remember what my plan was- I think I just sniffed it periodically. Bonny Doon recommends diluting the oil to make a room spray, which I somehow didn’t think of. This year!

  • Forest candle by Paddywax for now, with Winter and Snow candles for December and January, perhaps?