iPad 3 Anticipation: My Accessories Wishlist

iPad 3 Anticipation: My Accessories Wishlist

Julienne Lin
Feb 29, 2012

As we're quickly moving to March, I find myself as excited as anyone else about the upcoming iPad 3 announcement. My shopaholic tendencies have led me to scour online for accessories in advance while I waiting for the official release, and here are five I've marked down as possible add-on accessories for my future iPad 3...

Hover Bar: I've seen many desks where people don't have a good stand for their iPad so the device kinda just lays off to the side on the table. The Hover Bar is a clip that allows you to attach your iPad and have it hang or "hover" alongside your monitor, both a functional and space-saving solution. The arm is flexible so you can adjust as needed and you can clip your iPad on top or to the side of your monitor depending on your preferences.

Zooka Portable Speakers: All our devices come with built-in speakers, but if you're looking to amplify the sound about 5 times the volume, the Zooka wireless speaker is a good blue-tooth solution that works across multiple devices including the iPad. Zooka started out as a Kickstarter project but should begin production and become available by March 19th. It runs on rechargeable batteries and gives about 8 hours of usage. Simply place the speakers over your device and connect through Bluetooth or you can plug in any device if Bluetooth isn't available. It comes in 6 different colors.

Apple Logo Rainbow Sticker: There's something about accessories that inspired by the original rainbow Apple logo that we find really charming. Perhaps it's because it reminds us of the computers we first used back in grade school. Having the old Apple logo on the newest iPad strikes a cool balance between new and old.

Magnus: In terms of finding a stationery stand for a desk, the Magnus is one of our top choices. The design mimics the stand on the iMac, creating a consistent look among our tech. Similar to the smart covers, the Magnus stand is equipped with magnets to hold the iPad securely so you have full access to the entire screen, the stand is only visible from the back.

Gold + Fuchsia iPad Case: I have a wallet that is gold on the outside, fuchsia on the inside, so when I came across this iPad case with the same exact color scheme I became extremely excited. If you're one of the many people who carry wallets or bags with that same color scheme and love it, you might want to look into Jess LC iPad cases.

(Images: 1. Twelvesouth, 3. WIRED, 4. Tenonedesign 5. Jesslc)

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